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  1. Susan P

    This Word for the Day that came into my inbox last week really made me stop and think about whether I could do this for a full day – be open to all the emotions, all the people, all the situations I encounter, without closing down, and trusting that I could do that – and trying to do this for a day made me realize how powerful an impact I have. It took a lot of energy to keep this top of mind and to remain dedicated to the effort but I definitely saw that it made a difference in my day and, I believe, in the days of the people I encountered. It was a great experience and reminded me that a positive action no matter how small, can spark great connection and energy. I’m trying to keep this practice in my mind and heart every day.

    If your everyday practice is to open to all your emotions, to all the people you meet, to all the situations you encounter, without closing down, trusting that you can do that — then that will take you as far as you can go. And then you’ll understand all the teachings that anyone has ever taught.


    4 months ago
  2. d

    I commit to living in gratitude

    4 months ago
  3. Don Jones

    Carl Sagan reminded us that we all share a seat on spaceship Earth. An increased awareness of our place in this creation brings with it an awe (a very special emotion) which ushers in care and compassion for our place on this tiny, fragile pale blue dot. It puts all of the other nonsense into perspective.

    4 months ago
  4. pkr

    I try to “sow good seeds” everyday, have been doing this for quite awhile now. I silently bless those who cross my path. I cannot change the world but I can affect my neighborhood, my world with acts of love & kindness. I hope my love will be a ripple…..❤️🙏❤️

    4 months ago
  5. Hjt

    I am praying to be a more compassionate and kind person. My friend just let me know how grateful she was that I listened. It reminded me I did not have to be the fix it person. I learn so much from my friend who is going to be 90.

    4 months ago
  6. Linda

    I believe I live like this every day. I am very aware of my footprint on the earth, and I make daily adjustments to ensure it is a light one.

    4 months ago
  7. Cathie

    Try to live truly present at every moment and be aware the ripples of my thoughts and actions. This may help me commit to realizing the impact my thoughts and actions have on the world.

    4 months ago
  8. Carol

    I just read a powerful article on this very subject. I hope it is OK to share the link here. It is so worth your time.

    4 months ago
    1. Mica

      Thank you, Carol – ‘Charter for Compassion’ rings dim bells in my memory – started by Karen Armstrong in 2008!
      Regarding your link – I failed to post a post several times and was told, when I asked, that spam filters removed posts with words in them such as the name of a major search engine. YOur post obviously passed that test ok 🙂

      4 months ago
      1. Carol

        Mica, Thanks for letting me know about the spam issues…hope you found the article helpful.

        4 months ago
  9. orozcoj13

    I can commit to living today with mindfulness and taking moments to realize how interconnected we all are. How the sun shines and wakes up the earth. How my smile can help others to smile. How my food was gathered and arrived as meal ready.

    4 months ago
  10. Barb C

    Several years ago some workshop I attended had us choose a word from a long list of adjectives and adverbs that represented how we approach our work. I still have the stick-um on the edge of my monitor: WHOLEHEARTEDLY

    I make the commitment in this question every day and this is knowledge I’m always aware of. It’s what motivates me in my work in active transportation, to save lives and make the world a better place for more people, especially those who bear the deepest burdens of our car-centric system grounded in racist redlining decisions.

    Rabbit’s answer, “Be quieter with the negative and louder with the positive,” is another part of the attitude or approach I try to bring to that work to encourage people to think of themselves as on a team working together toward a better future.

    And then there’s all the rest of my life, and things like donating to candidates and causes who represent my beliefs so they can work for systemic or structural change beyond my reach.


    4 months ago
    1. Mica

      I like your word, Barb – my laptop stand has ‘COMPASSION’ taped to it, along with copies of a bunch of emojis in a large and a small version. My granddaughter observed that, obviously, the appropriate word was COMPARISON, not COMPASSION, but Comparison wasn’t the word I wanted to remember 🙂

      4 months ago
  11. Chester

    Intentionally – not reactively, ensuring my actions are shaped by what I see as good and right, rather than the easiest in the moment.

    4 months ago
  12. GR8FULL

    Today I will live in the present and be aware of my words and actions. As I try to do every day, I engage with the universe with love and compassion in my heart. As my father used to say, God rest his soul, “Now go out there and spread some Goodwill around the world.” I firmly believe the Goodwill I spread trickles down and out into the world. For Example – if I put a smile on my girlfriend’s face she will hopefully be happier and more optimistic during her conversation with her sister in California. If that should spread to her sister, who touches the lives of 5 other people today – around the world, my easy and simple acts of kindness will have an impact on the world today.

    4 months ago
  13. Charlie T

    By being engaged and present, and fully participating in the moment. And by sharing of myself without fear.

    4 months ago
  14. Y

    I am a firm believer that what I do effects others. I may be a drop but that water body is bigger because of my drop.

    4 months ago
  15. Laura

    I saw this question on a personal rather than global level.
    I make an effort to treat with respect and compassion anyone who calls our legal office. I know how irritating it is in my own life when someone sounds bored or impatient with my call. Even if we can’t help a caller I try to at least make them feel as though they’ve been heard.

    4 months ago
    1. Mica

      Laura, those who call your legal office are lucky to have you respond with respect and compassion. 🙂 I’m guessing they don’t always feel that way when they call your office! 😐

      4 months ago
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