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  1. Robin Ann

    With all that is going on with my daughter in rehab for addiction again it is very easy to get depressed but I choose to take care of myself and find joy. Tonight I treated myself to a movie at the showcase cinema “Welcome to paradise ” with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. It is $5 Tuesdays. What a treat, the seats are now lounge chairs. That is how long it has been since I went to the movie theater. Was a great way to get my mind off of things : ). Very cute movie!

    1 week ago
  2. Don Jones

    I have always thought that Guns and Roses were good, but the concert last night was fantastic. I was a bit tired and ho hum about going last night but pushed myself along anyway. Axel and Slash rock! One of the great rock and roll bands in the world.

    1 week ago
    1. Michele

      Years ago I went to see Rob Zombie who opened for Ozzy…. Rob’s energy is just AWESOME. I also was surprised at Ozzy’s energy too for his age. Was a great concert:)
      Rock on!

      1 week ago
  3. Barb C

    The instance I think of happened decades ago. When I separated from my daughters’ father I felt a great deal of guilt. I had a pretty idyllic childhood and my kids weren’t going to have the same experiences I had had. I beat myself up over this a fair amount although I had already made the decision that they would be better off growing up knowing that they deserved to be loved and cared for and they weren’t going to get that example from my life as long as I was in that marriage.
    And then one day it dawned on me that I was the only one who could make a comparison between their childhood and mine. They were going to have the only childhood they would ever have. The experiences in it are theirs, not mine. I could do as much as possible to give them a happy and secure childhood and they would never miss what I had had because it wasn’t theirs to begin with.
    This example comes back to me every so often as a reminder that only I am having the experiences that I am having and other people are having only theirs, not mine. In other words, stop projecting.

    1 week ago
  4. Pilgrim

    Good morning to my friend Diane. I hope that all is well with you and your family! We were actually snowed in for a week here, until yesterday when melting began. This is unusual weather in November, especially for so many days and non-stop. Just 3 weeks ago I had driven my car to the beach down the road. So yesterday I was grateful to clean off my car and be able to drive to the pharmacy for prescriptions.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family this week!

    1 week ago
    1. Diane

      Good morning Pilgrim….so happy to see you here. And that you have dug out from the snowstorm!
      I’m sending you my heartfelt wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving my friend.
      I am so very thankful for the gift of our cyber-friendship all these years.
      Namaste friend 🙏

      1 week ago
  5. c

    A change in perspective is oft hard won. It takes time and mindfulness, and intention and an understanding that this change is beneficial for myself and others. Once done, as noted by Laura’s Rumi quote ( below) “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”

    1 week ago
    1. Rabbit

      I like that Carol. Thank you.

      1 week ago
  6. Nannette

    This question has prompted me to realize that I need a change in my attitude!! Sometimes, I just have a bad frame of mind…and yet- at the same time, I am so aware of and grateful for my life and all I have. dear ones…I am really going to TRY to be a better person…and to have a better attitude. Thank you all who come here and share your thoughts.

    1 week ago
  7. Carla

    When I take the extra time to pause and re-group, I’m able to match calamity with serenity. Everything changes because I’m more centered.

    1 week ago
  8. Antoinette

    Going as far as the universe perspective changes everything!

    1 week ago
  9. Laura

    A change in my attitude or perspective tends to transform me rather than the situation itself. The situation just is, and I am the only variable in it over which I have any control. Once I make a shift, the situation may look ripe with possibilities, or I may realize I was trying to make it more important than it was.
    Thought of this excerpt from Rumi as I was writing this post, “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”

    1 week ago
    1. c

      Thank you for your reflection. It helped me to come to a greater appreciation of gratitude.

      1 week ago
  10. Joseph McCann

    I began to drink again in June 2009 after a 17 years and change of sobriety. My attitude at the time was I deserved to drink after successfully raising my children sober so I “gave myself permission”. Until Feb. 17th 2022 I had many periods of sobriety and just as many relapses. Many times the relapse was due to my mindset of despair and just f_ _ _ it. I began this journey of mindfulness, meditation and gratitude March 1, 2022. With the help of addiction therapy, group and individual, and my continuing practices I have changed my attitude and perceptions for a better situation in my life and those of my loved ones. Extremely grateful for this site and all of the other support that I lean on. Thank you all.

    1 week ago
    1. Michele

      I too am glad you are a part of this community. One day at a time, keep up the great work:)

      1 week ago
    2. sparrow

      You are dealing with a very hard thing,
      dear Joseph . . .
      and I champion your healing.
      You may not feel it
      but I am with you all the way.
      I think everyone here
      supports you as well
      with love . . .
      sparrow ♥

      1 week ago
    3. Rabbit

      We are glad for you and glad you are here.

      1 week ago
    4. Nannette

      Joseph your words and your lived experience gives me hope for myself. I never drank until around age 52, Of course, I would drink occasionally but not daily – or weekly…then that all changed! When I got married, my husbad was brought up with “cocktail hour” and wow…didn’t that sound good. People could drink and be responsible and have fun! I never knew about this type of a life (My father was an alcoholic…when he was good- he was awesome…but when drinking- a nightmare”. It seemed that my life and who I was changed. I looked-look forward to that “Happy Evening” every day. Now…it has become a problem for me. But with so much good in my life…I have to get and stay sober. Something that I never thought would affect me. Thank you once again…for sharing your life- and being a great example.

      1 week ago
    5. Laura

      So glad you’re here, Joseph. Your posts always give food for thought.

      1 week ago
      1. Peg Ora

        I heartily agree, Laura. Keep sharing, Joseph.

        1 week ago
  11. devy

    My changes have changed me, I see what is happening in a different light. I’m more calm, more understanding and have learned to love me and others for who we are. I feel less anxious and depressed and my marital situation has grown. Thanks to being more grateful , meditation and supportive.

    1 week ago
  12. EJP

    Beginning my day with a positive, grateful attitude brings a ray of sunshine to any given situation….it’s contagious!

    1 week ago
  13. Pilgrim

    When I looked at today’s date first thing this morning, the first thought I had was John F. Kennedy. I was in 5th grade in a new school … we had moved to Florida and knew almost nobody. I think in some strong ways, the President’s death and the manner in which it took place changed my world. The naivete I had thus far known in life was gone in an instant. I realize as I write this that I have carried within me less trust, less hope , and a level of distrust for a very long time.

    1 week ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      I was in first grade Pilgrim. I can recall vividly when the news came over the intercom about President Kennedy being shot in Dallas. The teacher fainted and went to the ground like a balloon that slowly lost its air.

      1 week ago
  14. sunnypatti

    Shifting your perspective can drastically change things! It might not change the situation itself, but it can help us find peace with whatever we are dealing with. I’ve practiced this with multiple things and have to do it a lot at work as I remind myself that I am no longer in charge of anything/anyone except my own self and that I stepped down for those very reasons.

    1 week ago
  15. Michele

    By changing my attitude or perspective it can transform a situation from perhaps anxiety to calmness, sadness to resolve.

    1 week ago
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