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  1. EJP

    The recent pandemic has changed my world in multiple ways, challenged me beyond words, brought to light my greatest inner strength and courage and has shown me beauty that surrounds me daily…..all which I am truly grateful for.

    7 days ago
  2. Kevin

    I could easy just answer, all of them! But, I could mention my parents’ divorce when I was a child, or suddenly loosing my job and my home as a young married man with two children, or seeing how alcohol ravaged some of my extended family members, because living through all of these different life challenges have informed and taught me many things. I also know that these experiences also pale compared to the hardships that many people have lived through and continue to experience.

    Resilience and perseverance in the face of hardship, however, needs more than simply surviving hardships in order to grow. It needs nourishment. It needs the ability to see good, to see beauty, possibility, love, hope, and to have faith in a power unseen. A life that knows these elements, atop a foundation of effort and hardships overcome, is a life that glows and grows, that will not be stopped.

    7 days ago
    1. Mary Pat

      Well said!

      7 days ago
    2. Rabbit

      Thank you. Your philosophy of life is beautiful and helpful Kevin. You could write a book on spirituality.

      7 days ago
      1. Kevin

        You’re too kind, Rabbit. Besides, we have more than enough books written on spirituality already! I should know, I own a bunch of them! Playfulness aside, I appreciate your words my friend.

        6 days ago
    3. Pilgrim

      Thank you, Kevin. Your 2nd paragraph is so encouraging. If you don’t mind, I am going to copy that into my journal.

      7 days ago
      1. Kevin

        Of course, Pilgrim. I am honored.

        6 days ago
  3. Michele

    the ending of my past two relationships.
    the birth of my children
    work experiences

    7 days ago
  4. sunnypatti

    All of them. There are many, so I won’t list them all, but each one has helped me become a stronger and better me. They might not have been fun to experience, but I’m grateful for them now.

    7 days ago
  5. Julian Daal Childers

    Being reflective to the 100% success rate I have at surviving the challenges in the past allows to know that “this to shall pass too”. Also taking time to think, reflect, and process past challenges allow me adapt and grow.

    7 days ago
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