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  1. Robin Ann

    My faith teaches us to be stewards of goodness, showing gratitude for me just goes hand in hand. I am also a “glass half full” type of person
    and when things go wrong try to find the positive in any situation.

    10 hours ago
  2. Don Jones

    My sense is – after many years of contemplation – this life experience enables me to experience an aspect of Love that cannot be experienced in other dimensions. I bitch and moan about life sometimes, but it is the Love that I always return to. Gratitude is a reminder of that fact.

    11 hours ago
  3. pkr

    Having an “attitude of gratitude” sets me up to look for the good, to see the good & to be the good. I truly believe that what I put out there comes back to me. The Law of Attraction….
    Have a blessed day All. ❤️

    15 hours ago
  4. Barb C

    I think for me this works the other way around. I’m an optimist by nature, which leads me to look instinctively for the good in things. It’s always there for me to find; we see what we’re looking for, after all. If I were naturally pessimistic it would be harder to feel gratitude. Of course I have setbacks and things happen that are full of negativity so in the moment I may not always see the good, but I can find it looking back later and reflecting on how something shaped me or taught me and be grateful for that.

    16 hours ago
  5. Charlie T

    It’s a shift of perspective. If everything is form, and we give everything meaning, why not choose to see the world from the perspective of gratitude?
    Hate, fear, jealousy, anger, greed, and selfishness, will always be there and easy to see. But kindness, tolerance, acceptance, and love, require attention and intention, to see and appreciate.
    Practicing gratitude helps me in my quest to change.

    17 hours ago
  6. Carol

    For me, an attitude of gratitude helps me see the good in my own world. That mindset becomes a spring board for seeing and desiring to nurture the good in the entire world. From the individual to the universal is a powerful pattern for growth. It’s a pattern of giving not getting. It’s mindful not full of mind! It favors hope instead of hopes.

    18 hours ago
  7. Antoinette

    I think gratitude comes naturally from natures flow when we let go of the minds of expectations, greed, and wants. Then the grateful mind arises, out of a sense of Truth.

    19 hours ago
  8. Nannette

    Being grateful just makes life easier…and makes me a better person inside and out.

    19 hours ago
  9. sunnypatti

    Gratitude helps me remember that there is good and helps me stay focused on that good. When I fall out of focus, if I can find even just one thing to be grateful for that helps reset everything. It grounds me back into the Truth.

    19 hours ago
  10. EJP

    Gratitude enables me to live simply, give more, expect less and enjoy every moment…..all good in the world.

    20 hours ago
  11. Michele

    Gratitude helps you to be grateful/thankful so it naturally puts you in a good mood which makes you feel grounded and at peace. This is a good start for positivity and seeing all the positives in the world and not only negatives.

    20 hours ago
  12. devy

    Gratitude allows me to understand better what people are going through. I’m more empathetic and compassionate as well as understand that life is a series of ups and downs where we don’t often have control. I learn to accept what happens and be grateful for the fact that I am alive and able to experience life

    20 hours ago
  13. D

    Being grateful allows me to step out of my busyness and appreciate the moment. Take time to acknowledge the good in what I am sensing or just experienced. My personal challenge in this same moment is to not compare this moment to a moment in the past or what it could be like in the future.

    20 hours ago
  14. Laura

    Gratitude is like a pair of glasses that brings into focus all of the abundant good in the world.

    20 hours ago
    1. Michele

      that was a great simile Laura:)

      20 hours ago
      1. Laura

        Thanks, Michele. 😎

        6 hours ago
  15. Joseph McCann

    I have always been a glass half full instead of half empty kind of person. No mater how dire a circumstance is I have looked to see how it could have been worse and that process seems to alleviate some anxiety over that particular circumstance. My daily practices’ of mindfulness, mediation and gratitude have made that process so much easier. Instead of looking for the good in life and its circumstances, it now seems to come right out to say hello.

    20 hours ago
    1. Barb C

      Love this: “it now seems to come right out to say hello.” I’m also a glass half full person, as was my mom, and that “it could have been worse” mentality is my reflex.

      16 hours ago
  16. Kevin

    Expressing our gratitude, and training our heart, mind, and spirit to look for it in every nook and cranny possible, helps us filter through that which mars our being and steals our vision. Gratefulness expressed and cultivated, cannot help but celebrate, and help us see the good around us.

    22 hours ago

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