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  1. Holly in Ohio

    “Just as cultivating a garden requires turning over the ground, pulling weeds, planting, and watering, doing the work of love is all about taking action.”


    I’m stuck pondering the quote of the day, because you DON’T have to turn over the ground to garden, and because there are many strategies for reducing weeds so you don’t have to pull, and you can even reduce your need for water. And doing those three reductions helps the earth, the plants, and your back. My aspiration in the garden has been to do these things better, sort of like Howie’s wonderful description of his boat in the water. There is however, always planting and work. I’m on my way to the garden now to broad fork a large bed – the no till alternative to double-digging or flipping the soil, a method that causes little disruption to the beneficial ecosystem in the soil.

    Today, because of certain challenges, love does feel like a lot of work, but I wonder if, like changing gardening methods to mimic nature, if it has to be like that. I agree, it is action. I agree there is still planting. I just wonder… so I will ponder this today while I broad-fork the soil.

    2 years ago
  2. Katrina

    I want to be a bearer of grace, compassion, joy and kindness in life that inspires others to do the same in their own ways.

    2 years ago
  3. Sarah

    Just making my way into a “new” stage here …
    Left my long career, and after much therapy, meditation, and listening to my heart know I won’t go back.
    Praying for continued healing and divine guidance as the journey continues.
    My greatest hope is to stay close to my heart’s wisdom.

    2 years ago
  4. Chester

    Present, engaged and incrementally aligned with what is right and good in both thought and action.

    2 years ago
  5. devy

    My hopes are that eventually I will be in “Zen” and will learn how to accept things are they are letting the negativity slide off me like water off a duck. I will continue with my daily meditation and practicing love of myself, gratitude and acceptance..

    2 years ago
    1. Michele

      “letting the negativity slide off me like water off a duck.” love that:)

      2 years ago
  6. Trish

    I want to be filled with love & generosity and bring it out into the world. Along with that, advocating for justice & equity with an emphasis on respect & inclusivity.

    2 years ago
  7. Toni

    Authentic, loving, kind and faithful in thought word and deeds.

    2 years ago
  8. Howie Geib

    My boat is 20 feet long and weighs 100 pounds when rigged, before I even get on board. I use two 9 foot long oars, and the thing is, when I am rowing, it is designed to displace the minimum amount of water, and the water it does displace is used to help propel her forward. A steady pace row, again, done properly, the boat loses an indistinguishable amount of speed between strokes, the water assists rather than drags her hull.

    That is the closest metaphor to how I want to go through life. I want to be like my boat…and have designed a life accordingly.

    2 years ago
    1. Holly in Ohio

      That is quite beautiful. I had no idea the boat could be designed that way. 🙂

      2 years ago
    2. devy

      Very good analogy..

      2 years ago
  9. Antoinette

    Aspiring to be CorePeace.

    2 years ago
  10. EJP

    I want to live a life of gratitude always and be a teacher to all.

    2 years ago
  11. sunnypatti48317

    I want to be a beacon of light, love, compassion, and kindness sprinkled with hard work and lots of play.

    2 years ago
  12. Michele

    I want to be happy, kind, at peace and focus on living in the present.

    Sunnypatti – today is National Cheese Day!

    2 years ago
    1. sunnypatti48317

      Let us all stop and enjoy a nice cut of fromage!

      2 years ago
      1. Trish

        Sunnypatti, do you recommend a vegan cheese?!

        2 years ago
        1. sunnypatti48317

          We don’t have any vegan cheeses in my dept, so I never try any. I keep telling myself I should try some, but alas, the real stuff is in my face all the time, and my love for it is real. haha! I wish I had a good recommendation for you. But your question may be the push I need to expand my cheesy horizons 🙂

          2 years ago
        2. L

          Miyoko’s was always my favorite vegan cheese. 🧀🙂

          2 years ago
          1. Trish

            I love Miyokos too, Lauryn!

            2 years ago
  13. Kevin

    Today’s question is painful for me to answer honestly. There was a time, modestly speaking, when my greatest hopes and aspirations were clear and present before me, some of which I had accomplished in my ministry and professional life in the years before my retirement. And I had plans and goals galore for things I wanted to do in retirement. But these days, six years into retirement, I am living and coping with chronic, and sometimes severe, back pain, which impacts everything I can do and want to do. Still, I am grateful for my life and for the most part I remain active and in service to people and projects I care about. But there’s a stack of personal aspirations sitting on my shelf, gathering dust, and going nowhere anytime soon. And that, to be honest, leaves me feeling deeply disappointed.

    2 years ago
  14. Christine

    There is a prayer I do every morning, and the last sentence is,
    “Until in me be reflected, Thy grace, Thy glory, Thy wisdom, Thy joy and Thy peace. These are my hopes and aspirations. My goal will maybe take more than a lifetime.

    2 years ago
    1. O.Christina

      Dear Christine, thank you dearly for your contribution. I could not have put it in words like you did.

      2 years ago
    2. Katrina

      I’m intrigued by that prayer, Christine. Can you tell me something about its origin?

      2 years ago
      1. Christine

        Here is the whole prayer Katrina. It is from Sufi Inayat Khan

        Praise be to Thee, Most Supreme God,
        omnipotent, omnipresent, all-pervading,
        The only being.

        Take us in Thy parental arms,
        raise us from the denseness of the earth.
        Thy beauty do we worship,
        to Thee do we give willing surrender.

        Most merciful and compassionate God,
        the idealized Lord of the whole humanity,
        Thee only do we worship,
        and towards Thee alone do we aspire.

        Open our hearts towards Thy beauty,
        Illuminate our souls with divine light.
        O Thou, the perfection of love, harmony and beauty!
        All powerful creator, sustainer, judge and
        forgiver of our shortcomings,
        Lord, God of the east and of the west,
        of the worlds above and below
        and of the seen and unseen beings.
        Pour upon us Thy love and Thy light,
        Give sustenance to our bodies, hearts and souls;
        use us for the purpose that Thy wisdom chooseth,
        And guide us on the path of Thine own goodness.

        Draw us closer to Thee every moment of our life,
        until in us be reflected Thy grace,
        Thy glory, Thy wisdom, Thy joy and Thy peace.


        2 years ago
        1. Kevin

          Beautiful, Christine. Thanks for sharing the whole prayer with us all.

          2 years ago
    3. Anna

      dear Christine, I could never have expressed what I hope, better than your prayer. I copy and paste it into my whatsapp profile. that’s what I hope for, but to be honest it’s not easy, I always need an excess of humility to get it.
      Warmly, thanks.

      2 years ago
      1. Christine

        Also for me…..not easy. I give you a hug, Anna

        2 years ago
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