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  1. Malag

    I’ll take this as a reminder that I can direct my compassion inwards as well as outwards, particularly where my emotions are challenging. There can be a softening in the midst of them.

    9 months ago
  2. mam_gigi

    I am trying to show compassion through patience and withholding judgment. I sometimes see that others cannot meet my expectations, and I am tempted to be annoyed or critical, but I try to withhold any negativity until I have heard their side and see where they are coming from. I read a piece of advice, which stated we should always assume people are trying their best, and we should never leap to the conclusion that people are deliberately being negligent, but rather that everyone is human and subject to limitation, and we should show others the grace we ourselves hope to receive.

    9 months ago
  3. Love Abundantly

    I’m cultivating and showing compassion by placing myself in a training to become a better listener. By learning to listen and practicing it I mindfully respond in a compassionate tone

    9 months ago
  4. d

    How can I foster growth with sympathetic consciousness?

    My family had a tea and candle lighting moment to honor our Mother. A sister refused to join in and shared unpleasant feelings about each of us.

    All people deserve compassion, I have read that the hardest thing for a person to do is extend love where there is hate.

    I can show love by not responding in kind and by not speaking ill of her with the others.

    All the world needs love and compassion now, especially the children, children everywhere, they are innocent and have not choice.

    9 months ago
  5. Nina

    Right now I am showing compassion to a co-worker who needs to pass a certification. She is worried about failing the test. Although I have already passed, I can still remember the anxiety of taking the test and the fear of my peers finding out whether I passed or not. No one needs that much pressure. I let her know that I would be willing to help her come up with some test taking strategies and just tried to encourage her.

    9 months ago
  6. Cheryle

    Praying for those in the Ukraine and those in Russia who are so against what is happening.

    9 months ago
  7. Alex K

    By asking my husband how he feels and if he´s lacking something right now, if he needs something. Also by adding some extra love when feeding the cats, giving them some extra pets… and thinking of my online friend who happens to be Russian and was in Russia since Decembre to say farewell to his mom. He was pulled by the military and not even his roommates have had more contact than 2 phonecalls 2 mins each ever since he left Berlin.

    9 months ago
  8. Elaine

    Simply by being friendly and appreciative in exchanges with shop workers as I do my “rounds”. Grateful for security and predictability.
    Sending financial support and prayers for Ukraine.

    9 months ago
  9. RJergens

    Coming back to work after being gone for two weeks, could be stressful if I didn’t have so much gratefulness for my staff and their capacity to manage everything. Compassion shows up in allowing things to not be perfect.

    9 months ago
  10. O.Christina

    As many do today and onward, holding the Ukraine and our fellow people over there in heart and prayer; lit a candle; spoke to a friend tonight who is part of a group of about 80 people who will pray together tomorrow all at the same time to support them energetically. One could think what a small group compared to a country and feel helpless; albeit it is “Love in action”, which counts and adds to offer support to those people in acute need (a notion recently read in an essay of Katie Steedly Curling cited in our local Gratefulness gathering group).

    9 months ago
  11. M

    By offering a listen ear to my 90 year old mom whose last sibling died in January and now adjusts to another elderly relative going to a nursing home. I remember my mother in law saying many years ago that getting older is not for sissies and that is true for many reasons.

    9 months ago
  12. Linda

    I am holding the people of Ukraine in my heart, sending money to the International Red Cross, and hoping a cease fire will happen today.

    9 months ago
    1. Mica

      Oh, dear, Linda – they do need you!

      9 months ago
  13. Holly in Ohio

    I am “cleaning the slate” of transgressions and being patient and kind, and still reaching out.

    I’m caring for and comforting an elderly cat.

    I’m donating items and food to those in need.

    9 months ago
  14. B

    We are helping some Afghan refugees resettle in our city through our church.

    9 months ago
    1. Mica

      That’s wonderful, BasicMarsh

      9 months ago
  15. Barb C

    Listening to my husband, who is wrestling with the challenges of Type 2 diabetes and its effects on him as an amateur athlete who’s serious about his training (for bike racing), as well as the changes in his diet as he tries a vegan approach. I’m a vegetarian and generally happy to go along with this but I’m also reminded to feel compassion for myself as I keep my frustration over our stockpile of cheese and longing for a big batch of lasagne to myself. I joke a bit but he’s been through several plans that keep changing how (and sometimes whether) I can cook for both of us. I love to cook and he loves my cooking and this has been hard on both of us since his diagnosis last September. The prospect of the rest of his life being like this has him very down even though he hopes to bring his blood glucose down enough to lose the diagnosis. That’s at the personal and immediate level. Like all of us I’m thinking of the world in all its turmoil and terror. Not only in Ukraine but also the terrible actions in Texas toward trans teens and their parents, and other acts of ignorance and hate across the country.

    9 months ago
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