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  1. Don Jones

    I am here. The wellspring of my core is permeated by a stillness and quiet. Looking from the core, there is an openness to everything that is, as it is. There are thoughts arising and passing slowly by. They invite me to come out to “play”. The energy of the body is abuzz from my morning practices. I choose for the moment, to let the thoughts pass and sit a little longer. A Kelpie dog nudges my leg – she wants a walk. The fresh, new has started.

    2 days ago
  2. pkr

    In this moment I am at peace & calm. Spent the last 1/2 hour meditating & in prayer. It is amazing how tranquil I feel after my “practice”.
    I hope I can carry it thru my day.
    Happy Saturday All…..✨🙏🏻✨

    2 days ago
  3. John T

    Struggling this morning as I pitch back and forth sometimes between love and fear due to grief. But I know the support of this gratefulness practice and community will help me work my way back to love. Many thanks!

    2 days ago
  4. Elaine

    Cozy, contented and grateful as I sip my morning tea on a chilly Saturday morning.

    2 days ago
  5. C
    Cindy Jo

    A cold dark winter morning and my heart is bursting with humble gratefulness.

    2 days ago
  6. A
    Ana Maria

    At peace this morning. For the first time in a lot time I have a sense of peace. A very close loved one passed away unexpectedly and shatter our world like we could never have imagined. Hard to accept. My granddaughter was born and that sure brings a bit of balance to my heart. My dad passed away 12 days ago and my mother has been put on hospice. What a journey since I retired at the end of June. I am thankful that I did not have to deal with work these past four months. But today my heart and my mind are not anxious, no fear. I appreciate this moment of peace. I will breathe and embrace and above all I am grateful. Thank you to all of you for your comments. I learn a lot!

    2 days ago
  7. Mary Pat

    Better. The infusions have started, and I seem to be tolerating the antibiotics fairly well. I have two doctor appointments next week, and that is really a good thing. I am very grateful for all the medical help I am now getting.
    I am learning to be my own advocate in a new way. I am grateful!

    2 days ago
  8. Robin Ann

    I feel rested and looking forward to going to a Christmas event with my son and his Fiance today. I will focus on the here and now for today.
    I am also extremely grateful to this community and all of your reflections. You have no idea how this has helped me stay focused during my current family crisis.

    2 days ago
  9. Laura

    At peace. My mind is here, not in the future or past.

    2 days ago
  10. Y

    Very rattled! And unsettled.. Searching for answers and a sense of resolve. I am sorting out my responsibility to a complex situation.

    2 days ago
    1. A
      Ana Maria

      Sending lots of blessings and prayers for clarity and wisdom.

      2 days ago
  11. Carol


    2 days ago
  12. c

    Pleased that I have the resources to come to this space to read and reflect. Grateful for everyone’s reflections. Otherwise, anxious about meeting the financial demands of safety and well-being.

    2 days ago
  13. D

    I am well. All seems to be good. Waking with the only light being the coffee maker and the night sky.
    Looking out over the garden thinking “then there’s a world out there, I better get a grip.”
    The stars above, they are so bright and I am so tiny. Holy cow.

    2 days ago
  14. Pilgrim

    I am listening. to the strong winds outdoors. Something about that sound makes me feel unsettled. Perhaps when the light of the day arrives, I will feel calmer.

    2 days ago
  15. Michele

    In this moment tired … I like to sleep in on weekends but my neighbor’s chicken says nope! Coffee with some Rumchata this morning:)

    2 days ago
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