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  1. Patricia

    I can be a source of joyful surprise for someone today by forgetting my needs and looking out for only their needs. I can really listen to them when they speak to me by putting down the phone, turning off the tv, or setting the book down, whatever I am engaged in is not as important as paying attention to what the other needs to say to me.

    5 months ago
  2. O.Christina

    Sending 😍🌈🌟✨❤️

    5 months ago
  3. Don Jones

    Today… as I step out the front door
    Arms spread wide and looking to the sky
    Create the intention to…
    Be infinitely less of a Man…
    Be infinitely more of a Man…
    Completely embrace this mystery and grandeur…
    And at the end of this day that has no beginning nor end…
    Be the best, the greatest, the one and only!

    5 months ago
  4. Hermann-Josef

    By bringing some ice cream for my daughter. That might be a source of joy for me too, because it is hot in the city

    5 months ago
  5. c

    may I be mindful of seeking the treasure

    5 months ago
  6. TofuLove

    Well, I certainly am full of surprises but joyful, hmm, that’s a little unusual. Let’s start with some comedy, I grew up in Hawaii which has probably some of the most goofy and sweet people in the states … that also sometimes like to get into random physical altercations which are like them, very goofy haha. This local comedian captures the essence well:

    It’s odd because I don’t know if I’m that intentional in thinking, oh I’m going to be this particular thing in someone else’s life … not sure if that is a good or bad or neutral thing? Maybe a mix dependent on the perspective.

    I think I can be joyful in other people’s lives because I’m unique, people are not always ready to full appreciate uniqueness when they encounter it but it is a reminder to them that they can inhabit more a space of what is true for them and don’t have to fit with everyone else on every issue.

    5 months ago
  7. Mica

    The granddaughters’ nanny could find her next job when she comes over this afternoon for me to use my computer to help her search 🙂 – but I’m not holding my breath 😐

    5 months ago
  8. Barb C

    There’s planning for it. Then there’s the accidental discovery of what makes someone laugh, like this baby and a particular word: Enjoy the giggles!

    5 months ago
  9. GR8FULL

    Today I will refrain from showing or discussing with my son, girlfriend, and ex-wife what ails/worries me. Today, I will be present with them and make our interactions about them, and not me.

    5 months ago
  10. Antoinette

    I made a lovely lunch for my boys today ! Love those sweethearts!

    5 months ago
  11. Mary Pat

    I will send a good friend a greeting card. Yep! She will love it…..

    5 months ago
  12. TheMindofJade

    Today I believe that by being positive and focusing on the brighter side of things, I will encourage others or at least one other person to open their mind and embrace all that is good instead of focusing on negatives. By having this way of thinking, I believe we will start to build on our gratefulness for all the positives already in our lives. What surprise could be more joyful, than that of a positive outlook!

    5 months ago
  13. Charlie T

    By being open and available to the moment. And by not fighting the flow. I try to be open to, and seek joy every day, but right now, it’s no surprise that I need a joyful cup of coffee.

    5 months ago
    1. Barb C

      Go, Team Coffee! I’m also a member of the CaffeiNation.

      5 months ago
  14. Laura

    I can offer presence, kindness and respect, but I can’t control how any of that is received. Maybe my behavior is noticed and appreciated, maybe it’s not.

    5 months ago
  15. devy

    By phoning my step mom who is alone. By supporting my wife through her difficulties , bringing her a hot chocolate instead of a herbal tea during her break.

    5 months ago
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