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  1. Mike

    Being a good host to the house guests who are coming today-embracing the opportunity to be together, enjoying each other’s company. Four grandparents and one shared four year old granddaughter. Let the spoiling begin!

    8 months ago
  2. Chester

    With effort and intent, I will notice opportunities for both accepting and giving, then accept with gratitude and give with both energy and compassion, expending only that which I must, and cultivating where I can in order to continue forward tomorrow.

    8 months ago
  3. Carol

    I can embody grateful living today through acceptance. Acceptance is much different than “being a doormat.” It is a “reality check.” It brings me relief and helps me dwell in the present moment It’s a “giving in” instead of a “giving up.” .

    8 months ago
    1. Mica

      Thank you, Carol, for bringing together for me the ideas of acceptance and ‘doormat’ – warm wishes to you 🙂

      8 months ago
    2. Diane

      Carol…yes, yes, yes! I’m learning so much about radical acceptance at this stage in my life (67 years). The journey continues ♥

      8 months ago
  4. Antoinette

    I can do my best and be grateful for what I have. Not always trying to have more like the quote of the day says.

    8 months ago
  5. Howie Geib

    Cleaning up after myself. Not demanding to be entertained constantly. Pitch in. By that I mean when I sense something needs doing, find a way to actually do it. My work is sometimes the easiest way as it involves welcoming the stranger. Making them feel at home. As far as the planet goes, being a good guest. After all, I want to be invited back.

    8 months ago
  6. sparrow

    . . . by being present to everything I touch,
    everything I see,
    every being I communicate with,
    and acknowledge Divinity.

    8 months ago
  7. Laura

    Notice all the blessings around me and share that joy with others.

    8 months ago

    I cycled up to the highway and met the rising sun. thanked the sun a 100 times for giving another day to me.

    8 months ago
  9. Chris Berry

    Put on your walking shoes and go out and embrace the spring nature.

    8 months ago
    1. pkr

      Yes, yes for sure Chris Berry. Spring has sprung here in No. California & I cannot get enough of the spring blooms everywhere! I feel so blessed. Enjoy spring where you are. 🌸🐝🌼

      8 months ago
  10. EJP

    I will embody grateful living today when I let go of the past, free my heart from hatred, free my mind from worries, live simply, give more, expect less and enjoy every moment.

    8 months ago
  11. Michele

    I am grateful to be spending time with all of my children at the same time today. We are planning a nice beach day visiting their grandfather.

    8 months ago
  12. Mary Pat

    By being patient and kind. Taking a moment today to pause and respond instead of react.

    8 months ago
  13. Kevin


    8 months ago
    1. O.Christina


      8 months ago
  14. Keisha

    Stop reflecting. On the negative and embrace all my blessings and my biggest blessings is life

    8 months ago
  15. Christine

    Usually I wake up grateful. I got another day. I see that as a gift. I am grateful for a gift.☀️☕🌻🎶💞🤡🍀🕊️
    How? Just being me.

    8 months ago
    1. Iamme

      It is a gift, that I am appreciating more with each passing day. I hope you have a beautiful day. x

      8 months ago
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