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  1. Kylee

    To me having honest conversations about what is important to me and saying them aloud or writing them down is helpful.

    8 months ago
  2. d

    not forgetting who I am

    9 months ago
  3. Malag

    This is a good opportunity to look at my values and see are there any significant actions I could take in progression of them

    9 months ago
  4. Love Abundantly

    When I think of the end I get perspective. When I question when I am the happiest I discover what matters the most to me. When I ask myself when I feel my most healthiest it tells me what’s most important

    9 months ago
  5. ADP

    Slowing down and gaining a clear head helps to distinguish what matters most in life. Taking time to focus on the things that matter most will help clarify what things matter most in each of our lives.

    9 months ago
  6. William

    To just stop and take a deep breathe and sit in silence with God. As I do that I realize that love, peace, joy and forgiveness is what matter most.

    9 months ago
  7. Charlie T

    It seems there are only a few things that really matter. Like a meditation, I gently reminding myself, coming back again and again, I attempt to shed the noise and clutter. Reading through these reflections was quite clarifying. Love, kindness, and being in the present moment, rise to the top.

    9 months ago
  8. Hot Sauce

    I can clarify what matters most by paying attention to ancient religious teachings and current spiritual teachings based on direct experiences of the divine to see what they have to say about what is most important in life.

    9 months ago
  9. Ed Schulte

    “Few things matter much. Most things don’t matter at all.”


    9 months ago
  10. Mica

    I’ve been wondering that myself, as my old brain fails me again and again. I thought it was Monday today .. 🙁

    9 months ago
  11. Antoinette

    What matters most is peace and love. Love and peace clarify it all!

    9 months ago
  12. Marnie Jackson

    By looking at what I worry about the most or what interactions trigger me the most and why they do so…..I can then work backwards to see what matters to me. It is a long, messy process.

    9 months ago
  13. Chester

    I’ll avoid the depths of philosophical contemplation and stay at the surface, the immediate, the here and now. Here, now to clarify what matters most, I must pause, I must not be overtaken by the reflex reactions that attach to the sequence of events leading to now. I must pause and genuinely consider what matters most, now.

    9 months ago
  14. alara

    The word of the day:
    Each day I move toward that which I do not understand. The result is a continuous accidental learning which constantly shapes my life.
    YO-YO MA
    This just spoke to my heart and this is where I linger.

    9 months ago
    1. William

      This quote definitely spoke to my heart also and made me just stop and ponder.

      9 months ago
    2. pkr

      This quote also resonated deeply with me Alara.

      9 months ago
      1. alara

        I’m still there eight hours later and still in awe.

        9 months ago
    3. Mica

      They are delightful words, aren’t they, alara?

      9 months ago
  15. Mary Pat

    I agree with many here that love is the most important, and is a consideration in all matters.
    Beyond that, meditation really does help me to hear what matters at that particular time, in that particular moment. Journaling is also a valuable tool I use. And I find waiting…just waiting is also another valuable tool. Sometimes just giving space and patience is all that is needed…it depends on the situation…

    9 months ago
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