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  1. Nancy

    Courage looks different daily. Sometimes it is taking a first step and sometimes it is taking a final step…and then every step in between. Live each day in each moment and remember to breath.

    5 months ago
  2. Cheska

    It’s actually hard to be courageous in a world that constantly put you to test. But being fully aware of the reasons to keep going, to understand deeply the situation, to embrace challenges as somthing that cultivates growth, is what makes us stronger.

    5 months ago
  3. msmit586

    Daily affirmations such as: I am enough, I am strong, There is good in every day (identifying that good then and there), I deserve to pour the love into myself that I pour into others.

    5 months ago
  4. Don Jones

    Being unconditionally accepting. All things, never mind what, when consciously observed from their Origin, are bathed in its perfume and lit up with its radiance.

    5 months ago
  5. d

    you cannot stop darkness with more darkness, if you bring light into the room, it will take care of the darkness.

    Let loose your joy!

    5 months ago
  6. Hot Sauce

    I was listening to a podcast recently that mentioned the book, Being Better by Kai Whiting. The book is about how to apply ancient Stoic philosophy into your life in a modern context. I know the ancient Stoics are known for their emotional intelligence and resilience, so perhaps this should be the next book on my reading list so I can gain some tips on how to face problems with courage.

    5 months ago
  7. pkr

    I pray & meditate. Asking Source for guidance. Getting quiet & listening to my intuition.

    5 months ago
  8. O
    Oliver Parsons

    by showing up daily in the small ways i can

    5 months ago
  9. Hermann-Josef

    By staying as soft as possible.( Being firm in an attitude of love , acceptance and trust in life). Praying for guidance.

    5 months ago
    1. lasvistasjeanne

      this is so beautiful — the idea that being firm in an attitude of love, acceptance and trust is staying soft. So much to reflect on there. Thank you – Hermann-Josef.

      5 months ago
  10. Carol

    I realized many years ago that the biggest battles are within. That has made hard times much easier to bear. I realized many years ago that when I thought my heart would break, it was just telling me to break open besides so many times it’s the ego that mimics a broken heart. To truly be alive, one must embrace the fact that we are all vulnerable and in our vulnerability we will find our strength. There is a part of us that has never been afraid but it can only be called forth in the present moment. The past is history and the future is mystery. Grace flows freely in the NOW–the precious present. I don’t know how to cultivate courage but when I’m shaking in my boots, I know I can claim it.

    5 months ago
  11. Laura

    I like sunnypatti’s view that courage is available but sometimes help is needed to gather it.
    Resistance to what IS often stands in the way between me and the courage to accept and act in a situation. Once I move beyond that inner roadblock, I can act. I try to be aware of when my resistance flairs, look at the fears underneath it, then coax and coach myself through it. Sometimes that’s baby steps; other times it’s jumping off a cliff, hoping/believing that there’s a net to catch me.

    5 months ago
  12. c

    Remind myself that avoidance is not as fulfilling as trying. Remind myself of the importance of what really matters in achieving, that I can handle set backs and disappointments and that I am worthy of and capable of facing the challenge. Remind myself of the resources that I do have.
    And find the commons: recall – You’re not alone.

    5 months ago
    1. Barb C

      “Avoidance is not as fulfilling as trying”– what a great reminder that applies to so many circumstances. Thank you for this.

      5 months ago
  13. devy

    By being grateful for what I have in my life. By mediation and doing daily positive affirmations. In preparation of difficult times Understanding that life is like the waves on an ocean., with all its ups and downs that eventually things will calm.

    5 months ago
  14. Pilgrim

    Often I seek the wisdom of others, those who have walked a similar path, those who have been with me on my journey of life, those who stand with me on even a moment’s notice. I am grateful for those who listen below the spoken words to my heart and soul. I have been privileged to know many such pilgrims on my pathway of life. My gratitude is unbounded.

    5 months ago
  15. Michele

    Anytime I read about others struggles/difficulties and see their courage, I would hope it would give me courage to do the same.

    5 months ago
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