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  1. Lisa Alvarado

    A poem. A friend reaching out.

    3 months ago
  2. Antoinette

    Trust in truth of letting go – true north.

    4 months ago
  3. R
    Robert S

    One of the stars for me is Engaging in acts of service. They move me from my ego which inevitably leads me to dark places, into a place of immense gratitude. There is a special energy and bond that occurs with fellow volunteers – I am so thankful for the people I meet while serving.

    4 months ago
    1. Mica

      I like that – thank you Robert! 🙂

      4 months ago
  4. Barb C

    I’m not given to dwelling in the dark. All my life I’ve been an optimist and I can make lemonade out of just about any ingredients. And I don’t choose to look back to darkness when the sun is shining. I can come up with a few answers but I’m not loving this question..
    My best friend, my younger sister who is another best friend, my sweetheart all come to mind.
    Reading has always saved me as both escape and source of insights, so thank you to the authors of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction who illuminate the world in some way.
    The pets I’ve had over the years who give comfort without questioning may not have been guides, exactly, but I’ve always been glad they were there when things got dark.

    4 months ago
    1. Rabbit

      Pet and books, completely agree. 🐶💕📚

      4 months ago
  5. Carol

    For me, today’s quote from Frederick Buechner kind of says it all. “Listen to your life…touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace. Whether times are dark or filled with light, the grace, the strength we need will be there if we are willing to trust. He says that life itself is grace. I say the same thing with different words. Life is trustworthy. When I finally realized that as truth, I discovered that I could also trust myself because I am Life. You are Life. I share a meditative poem below from my 2014 journal. I find that journaling always helps me through the dark times and that much of what I write is a challenge from my higher self to grow in self awareness. Simply said, my words are wiser than I was at the time. They cried, “Grow, grow, grow.”

    Meditation/Poem Journal entry Feb 17, 2014:

    Bare Attention

    When one softens
    toward oneself,
    the past is forgiven,
    the present is embraced,
    the future takes care of itself.
    The Eternal Now is alive
    and you can feel it!

    Seeking is forsaken
    And seeing is for taking
    the chance
    of being fully human.
    Such vulnerability is
    for the making
    of Love.

    I ‘ve often said that vulnerability is another word for incarnation. I have sensed for years that when I am willing to be vulnerable, willing to celebrate my humanity fully, this thing some call divinity flows. When ever I truly surrender to “what is,” it’s a virgin birth; it’s Messiah—God with and in me, fully human, fully divine. Big Bang, Enlightenment, Cosmic Christ, Second Coming, choose your label.

    For me, it’s about forsaking expectations and accepting my limitations. It’s about refusing to fight, freeze, or flee and being willing to face, feel and free my soul. It is the realization that my “yes” will be echoed by the Universe and I can humbly claim the wisdom of the ages.

    It shouts, “there is no “Us and Them.” There is only “We.” Let it BE.” It cries, “Choose evolution over revolution. Stop giving up the challenge to grow. Start giving in and letting it flow. Stop trying to get what can’t be got. Start learning to let what evolution has bought.”

    Its message is a reminder that the biggest battle resides within; the egoistic mind is the only sin. It has to lose so my personal evolution can win.

    We must learn to pay “bare attention” to what is happening in and through us, taking responsibility for what we contribute to the wholeness—the holiness of life; for what holds our attention, influences our intention; and our intention holds the whole world in its hands.

    4 months ago
    1. Laura

      Wow. Thank you, Carol. So much here to unpack.

      4 months ago
  6. Y

    The foremost for me is being creative . It can vary from cooking, painting, calling a friend. My other sources are my faith, past experiences, authors, this site, and a sense that everything changes. Happy Sunday!

    4 months ago
  7. Rabbit

    The program All Creatures Great and Small that will return again this winter on PBS.

    4 months ago
  8. Rabbit

    Poetry can be a star for me. Here is the poem for today from If you click another day it will be a different poem. The one for today is: Summer Wind
    William Cullen Bryant

    4 months ago
    1. Barb C

      Another poetry lover here. I don’t know that it was my star guiding my way in the past, at least not consistently, but now I read it every morning and it gives me a quiet space in which I can appreciate the beauty of words. One of this morning’s readings fits right alongside the William Cullen Bryant one:

      4 months ago
      1. Rabbit

        Thanks Barb. Will read your poem. It is peaceful to me too. Have you ever written any poems? I took at Learning in Retirement class once on poetry and it was great. I recently wrote a poem for my friend whose dog passed. She was having close family and a couple friends to bury the cremains and I read the poem. 🐶💕

        4 months ago
  9. Rabbit

    My husband, my friend Anne, the librarians in our little library who make everyone that comes in the door feel like family and the most important patron. Nature. The wisdom of others. I was told once to think about how I survived problems in the past and apply those coping strategies to the present. Looking at the stars at night is literally helpful too. 🌟🌟🌟

    4 months ago
  10. devy

    My faith and love with being alive. The support of close friends who provided an ear of support and understanding. Teaching myself to learn to live the now, how to meditate and being grateful.

    4 months ago
  11. Laura

    The stars are many — friends, family, counselors, books, birds, trees, deep blue skies, gorgeous music. All of them helped me put one foot in front of the other or provided a needed respite on the journey.

    4 months ago
    1. Rabbit

      Will you share some of the gorgeous music please? I did post a link to Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Stott playing Over the Rainbow in the Gratitude Lounge. Have you heard it?

      4 months ago
      1. Laura

        All things Baroque — Bach, Corelli, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Handel, Fasch, Pachelbel.
        Yo Yo Ma could play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the result would be sublime.
        Happy listening, Rabbit!

        4 months ago
  12. EJP

    My faith (aka…my guiding star).

    4 months ago
  13. Michele

    Family and friends

    4 months ago
  14. Carla

    Graces received from Sophia, supportive friends and inner tenacity

    4 months ago
  15. Kevin

    My faith, my family and a measure of reserve optimism have helped to guide my way during dark times.

    4 months ago
    1. Rabbit

      How do you get the reserve of optimism in these times? I read the book “Learned Optimism” many years ago and remember a couple things from it but it wasn’t the help I hoped. I am appreciating this site and the people on it. I keep telling myself to do more right brain activities but I let other things push it away. Maybe typing this will encourage me to do some art today.

      Maybe we just came up with a question for their new site.

      4 months ago
      1. Kevin

        Hello Rabbit, It’s not that I have a stash of optimism tucked away in the corner of my being, but rather, when times are challenging and appear “dark,” I try to remember people whom I know, have known, or have read about who endured excruciating hardships and managed to pull through and come out the other side even stronger. Their stories, combined with my own faith, create the reserve I need to hopefully and prayerfully do the same.

        4 months ago
      2. Mica

        Rabbit, for me, there’s no other time I’d rather live in than now, and that helps me. I was having coffee with 2 friends last week and one of them randomly made some negative comment related to today’s ‘ecology’, and I just sort of rolled my eyes and shrugged my shoulders. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in the ‘good old days’ with their problems. Doing art sounds wonderful! I took a sketchbook class last spring but it didn’t inspire me to sketch. But art is fun!

        4 months ago
        1. Rabbit

          Thank you Mica. I always look forward to your wisdom.

          4 months ago
          1. Mica

            Thank you, dear Rabbit 🙂

            4 months ago
  16. Christine

    Love is my polestar. ❤️🌟

    4 months ago

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