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  1. Robin Ann

    By opening ones mind and learning. I work in an extremely diverse culture of employees and diversity is part of our annual goals.
    I have learned a great deal in 8 years that I can never imagine learning elsewhere. Employee Resource groups were formed and present information to the rest of the company through zoom lunch and learns. It truly is enlightening.

    14 hours ago
  2. D

    I believe that i can never really make something out of myself. That i don’t have the capacity to achieve anything or be successful in this society. I feel like i’ve failed at everything and i feel so out of place in this time and place. I’m taking a course in january to help achieve some success on this level along with other things. I think i’ll probably get something out of it.

    16 hours ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      I knew that feeling when I was young. Instead of looking at circumstances try looking at capabilities. That has helped me.

      14 hours ago
  3. Nannette

    I cannot think of any “limiting beliefs”…if I believe in something…that means I feel very strongly about it.. It is meaningful to me. I have many beliefs..maybe I am naieve…but I believe in God, I believe in Love and I believe there is good in mankind. A question that induced quite a bit of thought!!

    18 hours ago
  4. Javier Visionquest

    Some belief is fact. Some belief is superstition. Most beliefs are opinions with varying degrees of emotional investment. I prefer to operate from the standpoint of hypothesis and emerging evidence. My single most limiting belief might just be that of hope. I don’t care to move beyond hope but rather move in and set up shop

    20 hours ago
  5. Don Jones

    The difficulty I find with beliefs is the attention seems to constantly want to look for evidence to support them and at the same time filter out those things which do not support them. My practice has moved to seeing what is as it is. It requires an openness and honesty moment by moment.

    20 hours ago
  6. John T

    Short answer is any beliefs that cause ignorance, grasping or aversion. Spiritual learning and practice will help me recognize them and ultimately purify the limited ones. Spiritual teachers and friends can help me to stay on the path and many times make more progress than I can on my own. Duration of the completion of the above, for me, will take FOREVER!!

    21 hours ago
  7. c

    As I evolve, I become more aware of my habits to discrminate, to confuse myself with other, to react in unwholesome ways. As I see these and more habits, I try to be mindful to ask for humility. to ask what is right view? This questioning needs to become a habit.

    1 day ago
  8. Michele

    Reading other peoples perspectives is a huge help. I can’t think of any “limiting beliefs “right now but I know differing perspectives can help with viewing things in a different way, just being open to it is good too.

    1 day ago
  9. Joseph McCann

    This is quite the question for the here and now with so many blatant falsehoods being “believed” by a large number of fellow human beings. My own belief system has changed over time from what I was told and taught to believe as a young person because over time I have seen and witnessed many good and many bad things. Acceptance that a lot of humanities beliefs are like time….only the present is what we have. Belief’s can be set in stone or they can evolve. I choose to have hope that the latter will overtake the former.

    1 day ago
    1. A
      Ana Maria

      Thank you! Yes, I hope our believes evolve. I see some believes that I thought would never change have changed for the better. I have hope for more!

      22 hours ago
  10. D

    Many of my beliefs have been developed through my personal experiences. These beliefs don’t need to be discarded or diminished. I do need to challenge them if I am to continue to grow. There are times when I have settled on the belief that a situation is hopeless. To my surprise there is a moment that shows me that my belief is limited and in need of expansion.

    1 day ago
  11. devy

    I still have some limited beliefs about myself but am much better. I recognize positive changes in myself over the past couple of years so realize that any limited beliefs that we have left are just that .. beliefs and not reality thinking are open for change, continued meditation, affirmations and gratitude will make the mind shift. Inside I remind myself that the sky is the limit …

    1 day ago
  12. Rabbit

    Fear. Faith if I can find it.

    1 day ago
  13. Laura

    What can help me move beyond limiting beliefs is the reminder and the practice that those “beliefs” are just stories about myself or the world that I have come to believe are immovable truths.

    1 day ago
  14. coastmoor

    It is true that I am tied up in many belief systems, and most of them are of my own making. Setting aside my ability, past and present, to build my own beliefs might help. But how to do this? The first step I guess is to recognise that I am under the influence of a belief system. Then one by one I need to let go of that particular belief system. Who knows in a thousand years I may be entirely clear.

    1 day ago
  15. Antoinette

    I would like to let go of all beliefs! We don’t know anything for sure ! What Rumi says is true! We are the universe and in order to become the universe we need to let go of everything we think we know !
    We can’t take anything with us anyway . Letting go is beautiful!

    1 day ago
  16. Kevin

    I wish to move beyond the notion that beliefs are limiting.

    1 day ago
    1. Barb C

      Thank you for the gift of a chuckle at your insight and the crisp statement.

      22 hours ago

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