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  1. O.Christina

    In being generous myself, passing this unconditional and unquestioned generosity of nature onward in the ways which open up. To cook a chicken soup for one of my friends who still felt weak after having caught the SARS- CoV-2 Infection; to share knowledge freely; to offer financial support if possible; to be there for one another in loving kindness. Flowers blossom in overwhelming beauty and the Monk warbler in our garden who just arrived from far away winter resorts is singing every morning and at dawn as a most beautiful expression of the fullness of life itself and no matter what; it is pure joy, so fine and immediately heartwarming . It is the same joy it feels to me is to offer freely what I can give.

    7 months ago
  2. dragonfly

    “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall
    This quote came to my mind immediately when I saw today’s invitation to reflect. Reciprocation requires my full attention, my time and willingness to learn and to be what I already am, a part of nature. To reciprocate means to not go against nature in a futile and illusory effort to control or exploit it without consequence. It means to immerse myself in it, become one with it. That is the only way I see to do right by nature and honour its generosity.

    7 months ago
  3. Cathie

    To reciprocate all that nature shares, I can take steps to take care of nature by:
    – using less non-recyclable goods like plastic
    – using non-toxic or natural sprays and fertilizers
    – wasting less, ex. instead of pouring a half-drunk glass of water down the sink, water a plant, do the same with dirty dishwater
    – compost garbage
    -capture rain water for watering plants
    -volunteer for clean-up days
    – find many other ways to reciprocate
    -and finally sit and enjoy the gift of nature

    7 months ago
  4. Don Jones

    Put the hands in the soil every day. Give more than is taken.

    7 months ago
    1. Holly in Ohio


      7 months ago
  5. pkr

    By Respecting Mother Nature always, everyday.
    Being grateful for all her abundance.
    Living simply so others may simply live.
    Happy Beautiful Earth Day All.🌏🌲🌸🦋🐝🪺🌵🌴🪴🌼☀️🌏

    7 months ago
  6. Elaine

    Love it to bits.
    Support climate justice advocates by showing up at actions and giving money.
    Badger policy makers and elected officials.
    Be part of the solution through personal choices.
    Honour Indigenous wisdom which can lead the way back.
    Today we will make an earth altar to honour the day!

    7 months ago
    1. Malag

      Yes. How we influence the influencers to make change truly makes an impact.

      7 months ago
  7. Barb C

    By not thinking of myself as separate from nature and instead living as if each part of it is a beloved member of my family.

    7 months ago
  8. Javier Visionquest

    The human race appears to have developed something more alike a parasitic relationship to nature. By most estimates, we can expect only another 60 harvests before we’ve completely depleted our global soil reserves unless regenerative farming practices are widely implemented. We search outer space for alien life when we’re the only species on Terra that can’t seem to get with the natural order of things. I rather like to think of my relationship with the natural world as cooperative rather than reciprocal – build soil, build soil, and build MORE SOIL.

    7 months ago
  9. Charlie T

    All I can do is be grateful for the natural world around me and be aware of the connectedness. Of course I try to live as lightly as I can in this ecosystem, but I will never be able to really give back what I have consumed from nature. Respecting, studying, appreciating, loving, experiencing, protecting, and consuming wisely. These are thing I have done my whole life and will continue refine as I go along.

    7 months ago
  10. alara

    The impermanence of our shared moments.
    And now, a heart opening and gratitude to take forward.

    7 months ago
  11. Holly in Ohio

    happy Earth Day, everyone!One of the ways I try to express my love for nature is by regenerating the soil by no-till gardening, composting, and planting in supportive rather than taxing ways.I learn as much as I can about nature and healthy ecosystems.I’m on a path for zero-waste generation and carbon neutrality.I propagate plants and trees and give them away.I mentor regenerative farmers and gardeners.

    7 months ago
    1. Palm

      I had never heard about no-till gardening, I’ve just watched a video, makes so much sense, thanks Holly, from Palm.

      7 months ago
      1. Michele

        same with me, I just watched a nice quick 5 min video –
        very interesting, ya learn something new everyday:)

        7 months ago
        1. Palm

          Oh, this one was good too, Michele, thanks from Palm

          7 months ago
  12. Dusty Su

    By walking kindly, harmoniously, in Oneness with the Mother.

    I am one with you,
    You are one with me,
    We are one you see,

    When you hurt, I hurt. When you heal, I heal!

    7 months ago
  13. Mary Pat

    By doing what I can to make changes that can make a difference: using cloth bags for produce as well as groceries. I now am using up the last of our plastic bags, and am using glass as well as stashers to store things in. By not buying produce in plastic bags bundled together. Making as many errands as I can together and starting out at the furthest one, then making my way back home. Today I have a PT appointment, so I have waited to go to the hardware store, as well as the nursery, and the grocery store since they are all within a 4 mile area. Not letting my car idle when we are at a railroad crossing and there is a train on the tracks.
    There is a earth day event here in town tomorrow, and last night I heard of a recycle/reuse area there. One is called a “mending tent”. Various seamstresses, professional and amatuer, are offering to mend any clean cloths you bring to them, for a fee of course.
    Using our composting service, and reusing things like orange juice bottles, yogurt containers-things like that-to transplant my seedlings that are ready to transplant before going out into the garden…it’s too soon here to put tomatoes, peppers and such out, but I am growing everything from seed, so reusing those containers is helpful for me, and the environment. I try and buy things that have recyclable containers as well. All little things, but they do add up….

    7 months ago
    1. Holly in Ohio

      Way to GO, Mary Pat!!! 😁😂😃🌍🌎🌏🌱🌳🌲

      That, “Mending Tent” sounds so fabulous! I’m going to suggest it here for next year! ❤❤❤

      7 months ago
  14. B

    Not sure if reciprocation is completely possible. Perhaps having a lesser impact by being intentional about improving landscapes of our home and community.

    7 months ago
  15. sunnypatti48317

    By loving her and protecting her any way I can.

    7 months ago
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