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  1. A

    Honestly, this is an embarrassing story but it is a funny one. When I was about 12 years old (I’m 26 now), I went camping with my Uncle, his girlfriend, and my cousin. This was only a 3-day camping trip and it was a fun trip. However, I forgot to pack extra underwear so I wore the same pair of underwear for three days. It was embarrassing but honestly in hindsight hilarious and now whenever I go anywhere I always pack extra underwear because I firmly believe that it is better to overprepare than under prepare. I am thankful that it was only a three-day trip and a trip that was close to home. We didn’t go back but I was comforted that it was only 3 days and that it was close.

    Two lessons I learned are that you should away double-check when packing and always pack more underwear than needed.

    11 months ago
  2. Robin Ann

    Once when we were travelling as a family when the kids were little, we stopped at a big public rest area off the highway to use the restrooms. My son came running out of the men’s room (he was maybe 5 or 6) and yelled “Mom! God flushed the toilet!! His first experience with automated flushing! It still cracks me up!

    11 months ago
  3. luv-1-nutter

    An old couple were sitting across from each other in a cartoon I have seen the wife says to the husband chant chant chant, and he replies can’t can’t can’t. Instead of just chant Krishna Krishna Krishna

    11 months ago
  4. W

    Lots of stories about our dogs make us laugh. Their ability to live in each moment was inspiring. It took some time after they died to pull those stories from our memories…. but we do it often now. They brought us so much joy and truly taught us what it was like to live like someone left the gate open.

    11 months ago
    1. luv-1-nutter

      Do dogs laugh I wonder yes they do

      11 months ago
  5. Nannette

    Everyone here had such great stories..I smiled or laughed at each one…and me…hah! I am having a difficult time thinking of something. But I do tell you that my husband makes me laugh every day. That was one of the things that drew him close to my heart. My ex partner was very serious…he never saw the joy – or made light of much in life. I had been my senior “Class Clown”..I love/loved to laugh. My husband when I met him (and this was on-line…20 years ago…he made me laugh the first thing…on the internet via email- not even talking to me in person. So – there must be a zillion stories but I cannot think of one..!!
    I am alway concerned about Kevin- hoping we hear soon.

    11 months ago
  6. Barb C

    Love this question!

    One weekend morning years ago my husband and I were lying in bed, both awake but not quite ready to leave the warm nest. I had a sudden craving and said, “I want a Dutch baby!” Without missing a beat my husband looked at me and said, “But I’m not Dutch.”

    Another time we were driving through a nearby neighborhood. A construction job had finished up for a very controversial project–controversial because, in the middle of a residential area full of big houses, a big building that fit right into the neighborhood had been built that had space for business use. I looked at it and said, “I wonder what’s in that office building.” He said, “Offices.”

    We were at home in the back part of the house and heard a loud snapping sound from the living room. No one was there. We looked at each other. He said, “What was that?” I said, “A snapping sound.”

    We clearly both love literal humor! One of us can look at the other and say “But I’m not Dutch” and we’ll both laugh.

    11 months ago
  7. Charlie T

    I can’t think of a “go to” story right
    now, but when I think about my wife
    and me, sitting across from each other
    at the kitchen table, attempting different expressions, facial movements, and
    imitations. Basically trying to out do the
    each other. The fact that we can sit there
    and be totally entertained, makes me smile.

    11 months ago
  8. Carol

    I was in the hospital. The kids were about 8 and 10 years old. My husband had bought a get well card for them to sign and brought it and them to the hospital to see me. My 8 year old daughter had written a long note on the last page of the card explaining that she had not realized how much Mom did for her and that Daddy was not very good at Mom’s job, especially doing the laundry. She explained that when she got her jeans out of the clean laundry basket to wear to the hospital, they were still wet! As I closed the card, I discovered another note. It was from my 10 year old son. It said, “Please hurry up and git out of here. Daddy can’t cook!” I was going through boxes packed many years ago and came upon this card. (I never discarded anything that the children gave me.) When my son came to see me last weekend, I showed him the card and we both had a hearty laugh. I’m still smiling as I write. What a gift one’s children are and how fortunate we are when we are blessed to live long enough to see their lives unfold and share memories from their childhood with them. Not everyone gets that gift.

    11 months ago
  9. Rabbit

    What comes to mind for me is recently re-watching the movies Sibling Rivalry and What about Bob. We watched What about Bob after my heart surgery and it was the first thing that made me laugh.

    11 months ago
  10. Michele

    On my dad’s side of the family – they have ‘old farm stories’ – one of which someone placed a walkie-talkie down in the outhouse and waited until one of the ladies went in and proceeded to have fun, LOL. I can only imagine.
    I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s responses on todays question:)

    11 months ago
  11. Butterfly

    It was one afternoon during the school summer holidays when I was about 9 years old and my mother had finished all her housework. It was just me and my mum at home and we went out into the garden. She decided to sit in a deckchair that was in the shade of a maple tree. As she lowered herself down there was a ripping sound and she was suddenly bum-down to the ground with her legs and arms in the air completely trapped by the wooden frame. It was such a funny sight and I was weak with laughter but managed to haul her out. We did laugh together afterwards and she just hoped the neighbours hadn’t seen what happened. That memory still makes me chuckle even now nearly 70 years later.

    11 months ago
  12. Joseph McCann

    Has anyone heard from Kevin? Seems like a bit since his last post. I miss them.

    11 months ago
    1. Michele

      if you go to Connect->Continue to Community-> search engine, type in his name, Kevin Lee, then click on his profile, it shows last seen 1 hr ago… I’m assuming that means him, not that he got a message?

      11 months ago
    2. Robin Ann

      Maybe he is away on vacation?

      11 months ago
    3. Nannette

      This is amazing…I have been wondering/worried about Kevin as well. I sure miss him. I pray that he and his family are OK.

      11 months ago
    4. pkr

      Yes, I too have been wondering about Kevin. Hope he is ok. Sending prayers your way Kevin. 🙏🏻

      11 months ago
    5. O.Christina

      Since several days, he is not showing up. Hope all is well with him and with his backache! Please dear Kevin, could you just let us know? You had never left out a day since years, we are all concerned about your absence, and you are dearly missed. Greetings from my heart.

      11 months ago
    6. Charlie T

      Yes, it’s been a while. I miss his
      contributions. I tried reaching out
      via Messenger.

      11 months ago
    7. Carol

      Every morning as I read the comments, I say to myself, “Where’s Kevin?” I”m very concerned. Wondering if there is a way to reach out to him. Kevin, we miss you.

      11 months ago
    8. Michele

      I literally was thinking the same…

      I also missing hearing from Howie, Dusty Su, Pollyanna, Javier – I think of them all

      11 months ago
      1. Christine

        Yes, me too. I was also thinking of Kevin and the others. I really do hope they are o.k. 🍀🍀🍀🍀

        11 months ago
    9. Pilgrim

      It has been a bit … I hope everything is okay.

      11 months ago
  13. Joseph McCann

    There are many but one in particular always come to mind when the roads get snow packed. A fellow by the name of Ralph Horton had a way with spinning a tale. A woman named Mrytle Brown, who had since died before I met Ralph, was driving down the county road during a snowy and cold winter. She saw Ralph about to back out of his lane, panicked, hit the brakes, which in turn made her slide right in the bar ditch into a snow drift. Ralph walked over to her car with a tow chain to hook on to the car and pull her out. After he pulled her on to the road Mrytle began to repeat, “Ralph you old goat, I could have hit you, I could have hit you!” Ralph in his own peculiar philosophical way said, “Well Myrtle, if it will make you feel any better, back up and hit the son-of-a-bitch!”

    11 months ago
  14. Don Jones

    They say a banana a day cleans your colon. Then I found out you are meant to eat them …

    11 months ago
    1. Laura


      11 months ago
    2. Michele


      11 months ago
    3. Pilgrim


      11 months ago

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