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  1. TofuLove

    I decorated my office area in tons of colors, every time I look up profusions of bright colors are everywhere and I adore it, seeing all these colors and their uniqueness, their expressiveness, how harmonious they each are while being distinct, it makes me feel grateful to have such a wonderful moment. I’m looking at my vitamins and I’m grateful for them as they’ve helped me throughout the pandemic, I found a regimen of vitamins to help me sleep as my anxiety was getting such that I couldn’t sleep that deeply (l-theanine, tiny doses of melatonin, magnesium glycinate, gaba and very small doses of 5-htp) which literally pulled me through a very dark point by helping me to be able to get a full night’s rest. I’m grateful for the advice I found through various forums on what vitamins to try, grateful for the people who all went into getting those vitamins out to me, grateful for the chemists all throughout history who discovered these various vitamins, the business people who helped create economies of scale and transportation systems so that I could afford a bottle of vitamins like this, it is incredibly mind boggling how much the world, humanity, gave me to have that good night of sleep. My breathe, that it operates without me ever thinking about it, keeping me alive, oxygenating my body, that the greater wisdom of my body is that breathe continually saying, yes to life, yes to the birds singing, yes to sunshine, yes to love, yes to the unknown mystery of being alive.

    1 year ago
  2. O.Christina

    As looking outside the window, the sun, luring the tree in the backyard to reaching high up to the 5th floor where I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to spend some relaxing holidays with a dear friend; a sound chime and its beautiful vibes it conveys to everyone once you touch it, the cup of coffee which my dear friend already prepared last night so that I would only have to press the start button this morning to begin the lovely day with a freshly brewed coffee, and so many more. Deeply grateful.

    1 year ago
  3. Malag

    This body with its amazing construction and workings. The air that keeps me alive, one breath at a time. Daylight coming through again; the sun rose again or rather we spun to its embrace.

    1 year ago
  4. A

    The color of the sky-a clear, deep blue that can only be seen as it is here in New England at this time of year. The chipmunk convention going on as I walked up the mountain. One would not have been able to converse because their chirps were so loud and frequent. I smiled. My daughter will be here tomorrow. A rare treat. I am grateful. We used to watch the sky when she was little. Contrails reminded her of a pencil writing on the sky. Clouds were shapes to imagine…and I still do.
    It is unseasonably warm here. I am grateful for the sun yet look forward to the coming of cold weather and snow.
    My eyesight-I still have it to see what I described. Grateful. Relieved. My father lost his sight when I was 15. I have compassion for those who are limited in any way.

    1 year ago
  5. Don Jones

    It is spring time here… the sun is showering loving warmth, the plants are bursting out of the ground in response reaching for the sky and an old man is in bliss with the pulsating energy all around.

    1 year ago
  6. Chester

    Awareness, humility and imagination.

    1 year ago
  7. d

    Life in all it’s glory. Watching raccoon family, with two babies, frolic and play. Feeling content and grateful after big effort to sort myself out.

    1 year ago
  8. d

    My electronic devices always fill me with awe because of the way they work. The way my car is able to work. The knowledge that some people on the planet have and the way they apply it.

    1 year ago
  9. Elaine

    The glorious autumn colours from the window of a humble rustic lodge in a still (relatively) wild region of British Columbia. That’s three!

    1 year ago
  10. pkr

    The tree out my kitchen window that is starting to drop its leaves & change color; green to yellow.
    The blue sky with wispy, foggy clouds above.
    Birds singing, little kids chirping & chatting on their way to school.
    I am thankful for all of it. 🙏

    1 year ago
  11. L

    1. The trees I can see from my porch— here in Northern California fall is (sort of) here and I can see the leaves starting to turn. When I sit on my porch I often stare at the trees…watching birds, listening to the leaves rustling in the wind.

    2. My zinnia plants in my garden- sure they aren’t looking perfectly healthy, but they’ve continued to flower throughout the summer and into the fall. I haven’t always had outdoor space where I’ve lived so I appreciate the gardening experience I’ve had this past summer.

    3. My side porch – I sit out here every morning before I start my work day, drinking coffee, reading this site, watching the birds. It’s a pretty basic small porch & I could make it look much nicer, but really just being able to have an outdoor space of my own is enough.

    1 year ago
  12. Cintia

    Right now in the place where I’m the three things might bring me a sense of gratitude is:

    I can see through the open window and it’s raining.

    1 year ago
  13. Linda

    A lovely home to live in. A loving husband. Healthy food to eat. I know how lucky I am and I am deeply grateful.

    1 year ago
  14. Chung van Gog

    I am at my friend’s place, I am grateful for her amazing hospitality. I also feel (a little bit) grateful toward myself for reconnecting with gratefulness practice and meditation. And also toward my friends for their warmth and kindness.

    1 year ago
  15. ch

    The cat sleeping on my knees, reading your comments on the screen and our garden outside the window

    1 year ago
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