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  1. Hot Sauce

    People at the middle school I have been substituting at have been very kind to me, often coming into the classroom to make sure everything is okay and kids are behaving reasonably well. I never expected to get as much support as I have from the school.

    7 months ago
  2. Hermann-Josef

    On my way back home I got a wonderful smile from a little child. It was so touching. My very best wishes to that child. May it get back many many smiles in his live.

    7 months ago
  3. Cathie

    They are all over-
    – a server offering my dog a treat
    – neighbors watching out for and visiting my 91 year old mom
    – an acquaintance sending me a web link I might be interested in
    – neighbors letting me park in their driveway
    – a stranger offering me his shopping cart
    – a man carrying his mothers purse
    – merchants waving hi as we pass
    – my hubby starting my tea when he hears me waking up
    – folks offering a beggar money or food
    I could continue – thank you for asking me to recollect these moments!

    7 months ago
  4. Chester

    “Friendly, generous and considerate” – this is how kindness is defined. Having interacted with many people over the weekend – every interaction was characterized by kindness. Easy to overlook the 99.9% experience of kindness amidst the everyday reports of turmoil and war that characterize a small though admittedly impactful part of our existence.

    7 months ago
  5. Ed Schulte

    From the “inner perspective” ..touches of sweet Logic love radiating from the heart centre, and then throughout the whole body, as I expend and integrate the inner exercises.

    From (so-called ) outer Ose’s wonderful harp – playing musician sharing played in these heart strings and Michele’s “I didn’t have to do anything” thanks to her son’s culinary kindness left a delicious taste of kindness and felt satisfaction in me.
    Thank You both and all for your kindness , it will linger on through the day.

    7 months ago
    1. Michele

      Thank you Ed, your reflection made me smile and warmed my heart.

      7 months ago
      1. Ed Schulte


        7 months ago
  6. c

    A fun, kind, generous, thoughtful, interesting, friend’s visit, some guidance on how to instruct beginner TiaChi, an offer to help, a blessed weekend was had.

    7 months ago
  7. O.Christina

    My niece who came to visit her mother a few days earlier as scheduled for the sake of joy to her mother at her birthday;
    A soft and kind artist most beautifully playing the harp in the streets here in town, and with playing so warm tones and pieces, really touching the hearts of the people who are listening to his wonderful art of playing. Somehow the music he plays seems to reach the heart and to soothe the soul. It creates a peaceful atmosphere and gives joy to people passing by. I feel it as a present freely given by him to his fellow people.

    7 months ago
    1. devy

      As they say “music soothes the savage beast.” I also find that listening to music is like time travel. . A certain song takes us back to a specific situation or happening. This is why music is wonderful for those with Alzheimer’s..

      7 months ago
  8. Laura

    While I was cutting my grass yesterday, a neighbor stopped by to ask how I was faring since the tree fell on the house. She is one of several neighbors – a couple I don’t even know – who have made a point to express their concern and offer help.
    As Christine expressed in her post, these inquiries and offers haven’t felt cursory or perfunctory but heartfelt and sincere. To experience the concern of so many has been one of the silver linings in all of this.

    7 months ago
  9. devy

    I tore my meniscus about a month ago. It’s healing nicely and mostly due to the help and extra help that my wife has done for me. She has been my support.. I am also aware of the daily acts of kindness observed on this forum. The love and support others show each other who are going through difficulties. has been a personal Godsend for me.

    7 months ago
    1. Y

      This website brings me to a peaceful place each morning. My day starts out on a good note when I read the replies. I am grateful for Thank you everyone! You are all precious gems and gifts to each other.

      7 months ago
      1. Michele

        I 100% agree:)

        7 months ago
  10. EJP

    A simple smile from a stranger.

    7 months ago
  11. Mary Pat

    Yesterday my neighbor helped me lay soaker hoses in our community garden bed, as well as in our two small planter boxes in our back yard. Then he helped me set up soaker hoses around a new tree we had planted.
    My husband put together a potting table for me while I was out volunteering at the local garden sale.

    7 months ago
  12. Kevin

    For thirty years I kept the following two passages regarding kindness framed on the wall in my office when working with children and teens:

    Our life is love, and peace, and tenderness;
    And bearing one with another,
    And forgiving one another,
    And not laying accusations
    One against another;
    But praying one for another,
    And helping one another
    Up with a tender hand…
    – Isaac Penington

    I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
    people will forget what you did, but people will
    never forget how you made them feel.
    – Maya Angelou

    7 months ago
    1. Hermann-Josef

      I like these words from Maya Angelou. I will hang it on my wall. Thank you Kevin

      7 months ago
  13. Michele

    My son came over yesterday and cooked delicious BBQ ribs and made corn on the cob. I didn’t have to do anything:)
    At the 5K on Saturday, one of the vendors had made 600 muffins and was handing them out while ppl were waiting in the food line – very nice of her.

    7 months ago
  14. sunnypatti48317

    Working in grocery retail, I am lucky to see little acts of kindness every day. People letting moms with small children who are fussy go ahead of them in line. People who say, “they were here first,” when I offer them help in my department and someone else is standing on the aisle. My fellow leadership team – we have been through some really rough times, and dealing with no workforce for months on end has us all burnt out. But we see each other and offer kindness or an ear. I’m grateful to work with the people I do.

    7 months ago
  15. Christine

    Yesterday I was at a universal worship from the sufies. When I arrive there I immediately feel a lot of warmth and a loving atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The kindness doesn’t feel fake, but very natural and sincere.What I would like to share with you is a comment made during the speech. The topic was “What is religion?”. Sometimes three words can say more to me than a whole book. A vicar had a nice answer to this question. “Answering God’s Love”.

    7 months ago
  16. Don Jones

    I’ll say. This full moon too, was the anniversary of the Buddha’s enlightenment. Arrows turning into flowers, temptations, ego dying, ecstatic bliss off the scale … whoa!!

    7 months ago

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