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  1. k'Care-Reena


    My sincerest hopes for my dear ones are unconditional love, support, health, prosperity, growth, healing, happiness, freedom and purpose.

    1 year ago
  2. Malag

    That their lives bring contentment and freedom from suffering and that they leave the world in a better place than they found it

    1 year ago
  3. Mica

    My daughter and her boyfriend are especially dear in my heart at the moment, and I wish them a happy life together. They both deserve it – their lives haven’t been easy.

    1 year ago
  4. Holly in Ohio

    What an apropos question for me today. My husband and I just arrived home a couple hours ago from dropping our youngest son off at University of Richmond. Last year, his freshman year, we were not allowed on campus because of Covid, so this was our first time on his campus and he had asked us to take him so he could show us around, which he delighted in doing! What I wish for him this sophomore year is very much on my mind. I care less about his academic success, as I do that he is content this year, that he is able to be his self, comfortably, and able to discover new things happily. He is at that time of life when he is discovering himself, which is a wonderful age to be, and an inspiration for me.
    And of course, I hope we talk often and can confide in each other! lol.

    1 year ago
    1. Mica

      What wonderful news, Holly – they’re Spiders. I visited once when I was in Virginia, and I probably still have one of their spider mascot magnets around. It must have been strange for you all, what with covid and college. My granddaughters were in their last years of elementary school and middle school, so they didn’t miss starting their new schools.

      1 year ago
      1. Holly in Ohio

        Yes, his senior year of high school was quite surreal. I think that was hardest for him. For his graduation, it was done in person, but they did each student one at a time in the building, with just immediate family ushered in to the front row, and then not sitting down we watched him walk the stage and get his diploma and photo taken.

        I teased him a bit about picking the only college that has Spiders as a mascot… he has arachnophobia!!!! And U. of R has the spider image EVERYWHERE on campus! I asked him, “Does this mean you have become a spider, Nathan?” You should have seen his face…he said, “Yup!” 😀

        1 year ago
        1. Mica

          Thanks, Holly, for your kind reply about my daughter’s ‘award.’ … I think I’ll look thru my magnet drawer for a Richmond spider magnet now. My fridge is totally covered, but I have a small drawer full of magnets, too, because I have a set of ‘science’ magnets with troughs that you can put on the fridge to run balls down from trough to trough..

          1 year ago
        2. Mica

          Congrats to your son and the spiders. Bummer graduation. My older granddaughter graduated from Middle School outdoors, so her parents got to attend, and I watched both granddaughters’ graduations on Zoom. My older granddaughter was voted student of the year, and I was shocked that they passed through that so quickly – the boy and the girl. I asked my granddaughter about the boy, and she said, “Oh, he’s in special ed.” So apparently it was sort of an insult. Sad! He looked like an unimpressive boy.

          1 year ago
          1. Holly in Ohio

            Dear Mica, we don’t know the story of the boy, or what was behind the decision to award him, or how they determined criteria.
            Long ago I babysat a boy with spina bifida five days a week for six years. We got close and he felt like a baby brother to me. His father was very into sports, so his children were, too, even Mike. We’d toss a football back and forth in the back yard often. They applied to enter Michael into the Special Olympics, but he was turned down. Here he was, paralyzed from the chest down, a prosthetic bladder, and he was not considered “handicapped enough” to even enter the Special Olympics. I just remember how crushed Michael was. Kids with spina bifida don’t have a long life expectancy, and Michael died aged 17. When he died, some professional football players donated money to a sports complex, and his name and photo are on the wall there… but he never got to play. So I’m not fond of labels and inflexible categories. I hope that doesn’t come off sounding harsh – it’s not meant that way. It is only meant as a reminder that the boy you mentioned is also well loved, and we might want to reserve judgment about the situation. ❤

            1 year ago
  5. Betty Cooper

    I hope you all remember how special you are, how talented you are and that you are loved.

    1 year ago
  6. Don Jones

    As you sail softly through the Sun, the mystery is gently unfolding.
    Ponder who you really are… know who is listening to that beautiful bird song.
    Your curiosity will bring forth Love in the highest.
    Know that fear doth butter no parsnips in this life.
    Explore the full depth and dimension of this happening.
    The awakening comes forth spontaneously with your sincerest endeavor’s at doing nothing.
    Get a dog.

    1 year ago
  7. Holly

    That we embody no separation
    That each breath and all action arise from and return to love
    That we live life fully, in relationship with others
    That we realise our gift and with generosity of heart express it freely
    That we know beyond doubt we are loved and love beyond any desire into the flow of loveThat we never underestimate the strength of any actions that aise from kindness, love and lightheartedness

    1 year ago
  8. SK

    An understanding and acceptance of the pure joy of life; of the pure abundance of life; of waking up grateful every single day and taking nothing for granted; and that enough is enough.

    1 year ago
  9. KC

    May all beings be safe.
    May all beings be happy and whole
    May all beings be healthy and strong
    May all beings live with dignity, grace, ease and joy!

    1 year ago
  10. Elaine

    Good health,
    open hearts,
    open minds.

    1 year ago
  11. s

    I have no new answers that are different from any below, but I have thought long and hard and I think my dearest wish is that they are happy – and for this to happen, I guess they need to be safe and loved -although we have all heard of examples of people who manage to find joy even in the worst of conditions. The human spirit is an amazing thing!

    1 year ago
  12. pkr

    To be loved.
    To be happy.
    To be safe.
    To find joy.
    To believe in a higher power. ❤️🙏❤️

    1 year ago
  13. d

    That they are able to grow spiritually, and live in a world without too much chaos.

    1 year ago
  14. O.Christina

    It is what I would wish for everyone, including my dear ones; that they may live happily and peacefully, with all basic needs fulfilled; that freedom may be with them in all their being, and that they are warmly held in love of friends and loved ones, open to whatever life brings. But probably the deepest wish for all would be that they may be happy and that they may be forever blessed with His Love.

    1 year ago
    1. Holly in Ohio

      That’s lovely, Ose.

      1 year ago
  15. b

    A loving relationship with themselves

    1 year ago
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