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  1. Malag

    What works for me is to defuse from the thoughts: the mind is doing what the mind does, generating all manner of thoughts and I am not those thoughts. So those thoughts are like unruly passengers on the bus and can rattle around as much as they like but I’m driving the bus and can function to my values regardless of the eg catastrophising. I hope those values align with a better world.

    That said, I aim not to actively feed the factory either.

    Do I sometimes get overwhelmed? Yes. Do I get back to what I’ve described? Often.

    What I definitely endeavour to avoid is trying to change the thoughts. The thought factory will keep producing because it’s really good at it.

    9 months ago
  2. mam_gigi

    I sometimes think that the outcome depends on me and take on too much responsibilty. I can get overwhelmed or resentful when this happens. I can also be too pessimistic at times. I have to learn to let go and trust, to be okay with whatever outcome and not to try to force things.

    9 months ago
  3. Chester

    I am sometimes caught in the pattern of measuring achievement based on the immediate context or problem, the current expectations, rather than maintaining a more global, longer-term scale focus. I unconsciously give myself permission to slow down, to pull back after reaching the very short-term target, and thereby lose ground in the longer-term effort. Perhaps I need to worry less about the short term target and focus more on the broader, longer-term vision – sacrifice some short term gain for longer-term ideals.

    9 months ago
  4. Don Jones

    Perhaps the need for greater precision – in thinking and action. For example, I might think about the temporary nature of of everything and perhaps use that as an “Oh well” mindset. But of course, the point is to be 100% awake and 100% on to fully experience what is unfolding.

    9 months ago
  5. Mica

    I am sometimes even foolish about conserving things such as water – pouring into a drinking water cup the unused water left from boiling water for tea, for example. But as this morning’s quote says, interdependent relationships are needed to change the world. I see this in emails from my former church – many concerns about what to do for Ukrainians – and I am not part of that interdependent group now. That’s what I’m lacking.

    9 months ago
    1. Don Jones

      Conservation is never foolish. It shows wisdom.

      9 months ago
      1. Mica

        Thank you, Don – I guess it does show some awareness.. 🙂

        9 months ago
  6. Ed Schulte

    More of this example of application of Christ Consciousness …there can never be enough of this !

    9 months ago
    1. pkr

      Ed, thank you for sharing this. Yes, Love is the only way. ❤️

      9 months ago
      1. Ed Schulte

        You are welcome, per, I try to share these as much as possible 20 plus, they are on face book too bt still that is not enough.

        I prefer “visualization” a the operative word …the pre-sufism and other ancient wisdom systems maintain “Visualization is indeed Heaven” , this are no small words ….there is not much left in the New Testiment on visualization ..but for parts such as “You can tell the mountain to go and it will go” but in its original source “Visualization” wAS one of the ‘Five Keys to the Kingdom of the Heavens”.

        It is long past the time to bring those powers back.

        Be Well.


        9 months ago
  7. alara

    About two yrs. ago I was introduced to the idea of the Old Story (our usual ways of thinking and acting) to being in Between Stories. My old ways can be summarized by fight, flight or freeze.
    The Old Story was about who/what was right and what was the truth? Results: doing the same things over and over expecting different results. Insanity- mine and the world’s.
    Letting go and Being between stories was originally like jumping into an ice bath – I couldn’t breath; I panicked! So, I would look forward, but turn back, again and again,
    I was surrendering to the unknown – without thinking, doing, planning, searching, I began to have moments that touched my core being, so I just kept turning toward the light, and hung on for dear life.
    I can say, at this time, that Brother David, Kristi Nelson’s book, and this site have become my first regular actions – in gratitude.
    “To be courageous is to stay close to the way we are made” – Author

    9 months ago
  8. Barb C

    I’m putting this question beside a piece by Mia Mingus on accountability I saved to read when I had time to reflect on it:

    I’ve gotten better over the years at owning (and owning up to) my errors and omissions in the work context. That comes in part from hard experience, in part from being further along in my career and having fewer possible negative consequences. Either way, it got easier with practice.

    I’m thinking now about how I might bring that to other contexts and relationships. If I own up to making mistakes and commit to being/doing better–out loud, so others know it’s possible to do this, to hold oneself accountable–what could that change?

    An excerpt from the piece:
    “What if accountability wasn’t scary? Take a breath and let that sink in for a second.

    What if accountability wasn’t scary? It will never be easy or comfortable, but what if it wasn’t scary? What if our own accountability wasn’t something we ran from, but something we ran towards and desired, appreciated, held as sacred? What if we cherished opportunities to take accountability as precious opportunities to practice liberation? To practice love? To practice the kinds of people, elders-to-be, and souls we want to be? To practice that which we can only practice in real time? After all, we can only practice courage when we are afraid. We can only practice taking accountability when we have wronged or harmed or hurt. Practice yields the sharpest analysis.”

    9 months ago
  9. Carol

    I think everyone experiences self talk that is not always healthy. Some of what I call the voices in our heads are bullies. I’ve learned to face their messages like “You’re not enough.” and “You have to earn God’s love.” head on. I know that there is a part of me that has never been afraid and I call it forth. I claim the strength of my ancestors Life is trustworthy and so am I. Sometimes I have to call a meeting and remind those life-limiting voices that I’m chairman of the board!

    9 months ago
  10. Cathie

    Ok, this one has me going round in circles!
    Usually my pattern of thinking links up and supports the vision I have for the world.
    Yet, being a critical thinker my 1st response to ideas, etc. may be why they won’t work AND then a sharing of ideas on how to pivot to support ways they can work. I do this with my own thoughts in my brain.
    However, if part of my vision for the world is that we can all collaborate in life to come to some common understanding, even if we don’t agree, I need to ensure that voicing my thoughts are done so in a positive way vs. so direct as to be abrasive to disrupt the collaborative spirit.
    So this is not so much changing my thinking patterns as changing my behavior I guess…
    …Ha or – I suppose I could try to change my thinking so to not respond??? But then would my presence of silence be collaborative or isolationist?? And if I silence my outward voice, yet my inner voice is still working is that not also a change in behavior vs. a change in thinking.
    It appears a change in thinking effects a change in behavior.
    So maybe my change in thinking needs to be to acknowledge inwardly that someone else may have the same or better thought than me and to listen more, before I share.

    9 months ago
  11. Laura

    I was going to say that too many of my patterns begin with “me” or “I” as an origin. But I am the only entity in this world over which I have any real control.
    There’s the wisdom that if you want peace in the world, you start with yourself. At peace with myself, I can then offer it to those I encounter each day in my corner of the world.

    9 months ago
  12. Michele

    I think having a sick sense of humor helps sometimes. Humor at least. The news is so upsetting you still have to try and remember to laugh at something. How fitting that one of today’s National days is National Let’s Laugh Day😆

    9 months ago
    1. pkr

      Michele, thank you for this reminder, to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and it is FREE!!!! I hope you laugh a lot today.😂

      9 months ago
    2. Mica

      Thank you, Michele – what fun! Thanks for reminding us of National days 🙂

      9 months ago
  13. sunnypatti48317

    I’ve been called a dreamer (ha! I’m actually drinking from a mug that says “Always a Dreamer”), and my vision of the world has always been one of peace, love, and prosperity for all. I’m not sure how my patterns of thinking affect this overall. I am generally pretty positive, and I pray for the things I mentioned. My thinking prompts me to act when needed and to be kind to all I encounter. I’m in retail, so I encounter many, and I know that we get what we give. I just want it to ripple out to everyone who needs it. And that’s a lot of people right now.

    9 months ago
  14. Patricia

    I am trying to do more “doing” and not just thinking. The small ways in which I act each day contribute to the vision God has for us as God’s people, God’s creation. And when I DO something, that also changes the way I think….

    9 months ago
  15. Kevin

    I hold hope for the world more so than a vision. If I held elected office, or if I possessed widespread notoriety, fame, or some form of outsized global influence, then I would hold a vision for the world and try to affect badly needed change. For better or worse, I’m a realist, I can sit around having visions all day for the world that amount to just that, visions. From my station in life, I’d rather take demonstratable action as one among many, adding my voice, money, and my prayers to something achievable.

    9 months ago
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