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  1. Emmaleah

    I am able to relax and enjoy the company of others rather than hiding in the shame of social anxiety. It’s really a much happier world for me!

    11 months ago
  2. T

    You will be at peace knowing that someone is there to appreciate you even when you mess up.

    11 months ago
  3. Holly in Ohio

    Fear is looking inward.
    Love is looking outward.

    Fear is looking inward fearing things are wrong or will go wrong.
    Love is looking outward and finding things that are right and beautiful.

    11 months ago
  4. Carol

    Everything changes. . After all, first and foremost, love is not a feeling, it is a decision. I share a poem I wrote in 2009.

    You can’t fake love
    You can’t break love
    You can’t will love
    You can’t kill love
    You can only choose
    To love.
    In the Spring it is a decision
    In the Summer it gets a revision
    In the Fall it is a fruition
    In the Winter it is a reflection
    Of the ups and downs of daily life.

    Love is like the summer sun
    Frolicking and playing
    Ripening and breaking
    open new horizons

    Love is like the Fall winds
    Blowing and gathering
    Singing and salvaging
    The Harvest

    Love is like a rose in Winter
    Neither fear
    nor frozen ground
    can kill it’s will to bloom

    It rushes in like the Winter storm
    then chooses to depart like
    a gentle breeze
    to nourish a needy world

    Love is a decision
    We all must make
    We all must choose
    to break the cycle of fear

    11 months ago
  5. Layla

    Living from a place of love means I don’t need to fear for my future, knowing that I am exactly where I need to be right now and can allow joy to be my guide. I no longer live my life like it’s a checklist of milestones I need to achieve. I can just be, knowing the flow of my life is heading in the right direction.

    11 months ago
  6. EJP

    Living from a place of love allows me to be free in my heart and soul, whereas a place of fear restricts and closes doors with its unknown.

    11 months ago
  7. Nelson

    Sales calls are much easier.

    11 months ago
    1. Aaron

      So are client calls!!

      11 months ago
  8. L

    The lens which I use to view almost everything changes…it improves for the better. If I am honest, even though rationally I know this, I often struggle to live in a place of love consistently

    11 months ago
  9. Marnie Jackson

    My decisions, my mindset, my behaviour…. the trick is understanding that I am living in a place of fear. Once, I understand that, then I can shift….

    11 months ago
    1. KC


      11 months ago
  10. Patricia

    I might just be getting a glimpse of how God sees things.

    11 months ago
  11. sunnypatti48317

    I notice more miracles. I notice more of everything good. I am more compassionate and trust the process of life.

    11 months ago
  12. Mary Pat

    I relax, and am open to see things differently.

    11 months ago
  13. Michele

    Maybe more people would get vaccinated?

    11 months ago
    1. Holly in Ohio

      Maybe fewer people would own guns?

      11 months ago
      1. Michele

        Good one!

        11 months ago
  14. Kevin


    11 months ago
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