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  1. Mary Pat

    Guilt. Just that.

    2 weeks ago
  2. Robin Ann

    I guess trying to be less of a helicopter Mom but it seems to be written in my stars. My daughter who suffers from addiction is also insulin dependent. My son had asthma as a child which he has grown out of but also has severe allergies to nuts and eggs. What I do try to do is find ways to lessen my worries and anxiety. One is coming onto this website daily and reflecting on other things to be grateful for : )

    2 weeks ago
  3. O.Christina

    Where to start? Long list of unnecessary limiting stuff. I like Don Jones´reply which sums it up for me (that what I don´t know how to release) also. Expectations, impatience, anxiety, fear, guilt feeling, control, bashfulness, a whole bunch of shadows 😔on freedom´s flower 🌈

    2 weeks ago
  4. Don Jones

    It is what and is and taking just as long as it takes to be what will be … and I fully accept that. Now, turn that music up!

    2 weeks ago
  5. pkr

    I am trying very very hard to not take things personally. Also working very very hard on not making assumptions. Both of these concepts have caused personal pain & unhappiness.
    I have to remind myself often to practice releasing these concepts. Like any “practice” it takes discipline & a willingness to do the hard work in order to change.

    2 weeks ago
  6. John T

    For me, fear based patterns sometimes take hold and hold me back from living more fully.

    2 weeks ago
  7. Antoinette

    Right now I can realize that my youngest son just got his driving license and can’t wait to take my car! I guess living more fully right now means to let go as usual!😂

    2 weeks ago
  8. Y

    I would love to release the sense that I am not doing enough or good enough or I am doing “it” wrong. A friend suggested saying this outloud while blowing bubbles.

    2 weeks ago
  9. Carol

    What could be released in my life in order for me to live more fully?

    Released is an interesting word. Does it mean to let go or let be? Cambridge dictionary says: “To give freedom or free movement to someone or something.”

    When I read the definition the word ‘freedom’ stood out and I thought of the song “Me and Bobby McGee.” The lyric that says, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. So I guess for me, to release is not always about ‘letting go’ but it is always about ‘letting be. It’s about reminding my self that you can only keep what you are willing to give away. Buddhist would say ‘non-attachment.’

    Letting others be who they are and letting myself be who I am; accepting that I don’t always know what is best but being willing to always do my best; Not resisting ‘what is’ but working with it And/or through it.

    I recently read a quote from Episcopal Bishop John Spong: “Jesus was not divine because he was a human life into whom the external God had entered, as traditional Christology has claimed. He was and is divine because his humanity and his consciousness were so whole and so complete that the meaning of God could flow through him. He was thus able to open people to that transcendent dimension of life, love, and being that we call God.”

    For me living fully is not about more or less. It’s about being present, going with the flow, trusting life and not fighting it. As the Beatles sing “Let it be, Let it be.” I remind myself often that I am creator. We are all creator. I can best create by being the peace I seek and the compassion I crave. For me that’s the difference between “living and just existing.”

    2 weeks ago
    1. Laura

      So much to unpack here, Carol. Thank you.

      2 weeks ago
  10. Nannette

    The saying that we all have something…is so true. I look at others and think what a grand life they have…but we never know -do we? Most days all is good…but some painful memories- I wish they would pass. I also pray that I can leave alcohol and move on…that would sure be freeing.

    2 weeks ago
  11. Charlie T

    Regret. I often find myself re-living past situations. I’m working on this, but it still happens often. And on the other end, expectations. Not that I shouldn’t have them, it’s just better if I keep them simple.

    2 weeks ago
    1. Laura

      I relate to this, Charlie. It feels sometimes like a tape in my head that repeats and repeats. I jokingly refer to it as my “greatest hits.”

      2 weeks ago
      1. Michele

        I, too, can relate to this- your ‘greatest hits’ made me LOL

        2 weeks ago
  12. Rabbit


    2 weeks ago
  13. Laura

    I can continue to work on shedding old ways of thinking, such as either/or. It limits me and the people I encounter.

    2 weeks ago
  14. devy

    My anxiety that pops up once in a while as well as learning to accept more all the physical aches and pains that accompany getting older. Working more on acceptance and faith of the fear of dying.

    2 weeks ago
  15. Michele

    Past pain/trauma. Keep moving on by staying focused on the present.

    2 weeks ago
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