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  1. R

    I am grateful for being able to wake up every morning. Choosing to be happy always and kissing my wife goodbye before I go to work

    6 months ago
  2. devy

    Every morning when I do my meditations and reflections. I find that they ground me and set up a positive frame of mind for the day particularly if when I just wake up and thoughts feed and activate my monkey mind

    6 months ago
  3. O.Christina

    This moment. I can only hope, this moment to be just in time. I was deeply grateful the moment before. Hope. Hope to be able to be in time still. I hope. And am grateful for all in this moment also🙏

    6 months ago
  4. Don Jones

    Pretty much all of them.

    6 months ago
  5. Nancy

    Funny how “just-in-time” moments are most often recognized in hindsight. Perhaps we need to be more aware of time in the moment and then who’s to say all moments aren’t really “just-in-time”?!

    6 months ago
  6. Hermann-Josef

    Sometimes while making music I am in state of just listening to the player who is me. Then I wonder who is playing this. Each note is coming just in time and the right way. A special kind of happiness is arising then.

    6 months ago
  7. Charlie T

    So many things in my life are the result of “just in time” moments. One such moment happened when, after selling my business, I was at a trade show in Vegas, looking for work as a sales representative. It was a very disappointing couple of days. On the last day, I was sitting and waiting for a friend in an empty hallway, when my phone rang, it was someone who was looking for a videographer for a very unique purpose. That was it. I changed direction and started a new business. Saying yes to that person, while not knowing if I could actually do the work, has led to a very fruitful relationship.

    6 months ago
  8. Barb C

    My just-in-time moment is the one that put me in my current role, where I get to feel that I’m making a positive difference in the world every day and doing the work I’m meant to do.

    I headed a nonprofit for 5 years, then led it into a merger with another to create a larger, stronger organization. I took the #2 role and worked well with the executive director of the other organization who led our combined entity. Then she announced she was leaving and I had to decide if I wanted to go after that top spot. A new role was being created in a state agency and that job posted at a moment that let me decide to go after it wholeheartedly.

    I’ve been so glad I did that. The nonprofit struggled for several years after and the pandemic really knocked a hole in their income sources. I’ve made a genuine difference and haven’t had to worry about whether I was fundraising enough to pay an entire staff, including myself–a deep worry as I’m the sole income source in my household.

    6 months ago
  9. Carol

    A memory looms. I’m around 7 years old and I have floated on my back into water too deep for my feet to touch the bottom of the crowded swimming pool. I cannot swim. I panic and begin thrashing the water, bobbing up and down, swallowing what feels like buckets of water. Other kids swim by me but do not recognize my distress. Finally a teenage hand reaches out and grabs mine and pulls me to a pool exit ladder and deposits me on the side of the pool. If not for that “just in time” moment, I doubt I would be celebrating my 80th birthday later this month. Two nights ago, my phone rang at mid-night and woke me up. My sister’s name flashed across the I.D. screen. I answered it immediately, knowing something had to be amiss. When I said hello, she blurted out my 48 year old nephew’s name. She said he was dead. I replied, “What?” She replied, “A massive heart attack!” We are not always given a “just in time” moment. In the last 48 hours, I’ve pondered over the gun violence in our country, the unjustifiable wars raging around our planet, the thirst for power no matter what it costs, the young children who will die from bombs or starvation. As a species, we need a “just in time” moment before we destroy it all.

    6 months ago
    1. Michele

      I offer my sincere sympathies on the sudden loss of your nephew. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister during this difficult time.

      6 months ago
      1. Carol

        Michele, Thank you.

        6 months ago
  10. Mary Pat

    From pulling in to a parking lot that is full and all of a sudden a car pulls out close to me, opening up a spot I can park in,(small, but needed at the time),to a cancelled appointment at the last moment that left room in my day for a visit from my grandson, to going to a church service-unexpectedly-that seemed to be exactly what I needed to hear at that time in my life, I have had many, many of these moments, and am truly grateful for each and every one.

    6 months ago
  11. Hot Sauce

    I read a book on near-death experiences just before my great grandpa’s funeral. At the time, I was worried there is nothing after death, but this book brought me some comfort just before his funeral so I could find the funeral comforting, rather than dreadful.

    6 months ago
  12. c

    at first I was at a loss of what to say, then I read others offerings and slowing my mind opened to … and then it kept going.. now the list is long– thank you– a few are– receiving the money I needed to go ahead with surgery, receiving an invitation to host me so that I could make the move to having that surgery, receiving the care of friendship, receiving the gift of hosting when the fire made my place unlivable, receiving gift of money to help me replace some of what was lost, receiving the help I need to move forward with the next surgery, receiving the help I needed to move, receiving the guidance I needed that addressed my fears, receiving an email that guides me to what I need to know to progress on the path….

    6 months ago
  13. sunnypatti48317

    In January 2017, I was trying to figure out how to escape from my ex-husband. I had made the poor choice 3 years prior to allow him back into my life and move into an apartment attached to his grandmother’s house, so I couldn’t kick him out like I had before. I made a decision a few months prior that I was going to leave… I had to because it got to a point where all I could think was one of us had to die. And that wasn’t what I really wanted. I prayed and meditated and prayed and mediated, begging for help. Asking for the right thing to open up and allow me my life back. So one night that January, I woke and remembered my friend telling me she was going to be getting a new roommate in February. The light clicked, and I texted her in the middle of the night telling her I wanted that room, quickly deleting the text after. We spoke the next day, and she changed her arrangements so that I could move in. There’s no way I could have supported myself on my own, and this was one of the greatest gifts I had ever been given at that time. Even though living with her wasn’t what I thought it would be, it was a step to my freedom and gave me even greater faith in a Higher Power.

    6 months ago
  14. Laura

    Soon after the tree fell on my house and caused me to have to move into temporary quarters, I struggled mightily with missing my home. I was angry. Nothing felt right or settled.
    One Sunday, rather than continue to fret, I resolved to live the question of what “home” is and what it means to be at home. Maybe I could discover a different way to experience the situation.
    The very next morning I came across this line from the Japanese poet Basho: “Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” I may have actually gasped. I was stunned to receive an answer so quickly.
    The words continue to buoy my spirits and remind me that I’m home no matter where I am on the journey.

    6 months ago
    1. Carol

      Home is when what plagues your mind can find rest in your heart. Many times when my monkey mind resists I take my hand, touch my forehead and then place my hand over my heart. I find this gesture very helpful.

      6 months ago
  15. Pilgrim

    My marriage was falling apart. My (now) ex-, a teacher, was home for the summer. I was in my office downstairs, literally said out loud “I need a job” and the phone rang. It was a former boss calling to offer me a job for the summer. I practically fell off the chair. We needed a new roof, so good timing all around. as the job gave us the means for that.

    6 months ago
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