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  1. Carol

    I don’t find life magical. I do find it trustworthy and wish I had realized that many years ago. It would have made it much easier to go with the flow!

    1 year ago
  2. Sara

    Being conected with nature 🙂

    1 year ago
  3. Chester

    The daily symphony of life.

    1 year ago
  4. Nelson

    I have colleagues in all different time zones and in different countries. Yet we manage to still connect everyday.

    1 year ago
  5. M

    Picture this: holding a young infant who has their eyes closed but is not in a deep sleep while you talk to them or sing or maybe stroke their head …. they smile.
    That is the image of pure magic to me.
    I guess it’s that combination of innocence and love.

    1 year ago
  6. Mary Pat

    Almost everything. Really. All the things people have mentioned so far….oh! And yesterday, I had to take my husband to the ER-nothing too serious but the doctor wanted him checked out more throughly than he could do in the office-so as we were walking up to the door, a friend and her husband were walking out the same door. We stopped to say hello, and they were distraught. I asked if everything was OK, and she broke down and cried. I held her and she said it was their son….who was having a similar problem that my son had had years ago. I said-oh! we have been through that! Let me know if you want to talk sometime.-that was magical. And Miracle. She will contact me. That we were there walking into and out of the same door-THAT is magical. And Miracle.

    1 year ago
  7. devy

    The fact that each day is a new beginning.. the sun rises everything wakes up and starts afresh..How magical the human body functions, its senses. Looking up at the heavens at night and observing the thousands and thousands of stars in the sky..

    1 year ago
  8. Patricia

    This morning: the sun making the world golden.

    1 year ago
  9. sunnypatti48317

    Babies and stars and Mother Nature and all of her natural rhythms. The ocean and her waves and the way I feel when I am surfing. The sun and the way the light paints the sky and goes thru the trees and flickers like diamonds on any water surface it hits. The way I feel when I’m dancing with my husband. Love. Miracles.

    1 year ago
  10. Katrina

    Rainbows; the internet & all things technological; sunrises and sunsets; time (or maybe the concept of time); animal instinct,;watching a really good teacher at work in the classroom,; music; waterfalls; watching babies be born and then grow into people; watching children play together uninstructed, uncoached, unplanned, using their imaginations – watching them work things out; the view of earth from space and all that goes into making that happen, listening to people of all ages belly laugh; fog; snow and cats.

    1 year ago
  11. Michele

    Full moons, castles, willow trees, Siamese cats, witches, Halloween, Hills Creek State Park, Universal Studios/Island of Adventure – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disney World, forests, caves, autumn.

    1 year ago
  12. EJP

    My beautiful children and grandchildren.

    1 year ago
  13. L
    Lee Anne

    All of Creation! 🌈 And, the wonder and innocence in a baby’s eyes, reflecting the glory of God. ♥️🌸🍁

    1 year ago
  14. Pilgrim

    The cycles of the seasons, the sun and moon, trees and plants, a person’s life. Music. Good poetry. Medical advances. The changing light in a person’s eyes. A beautiful smile, at any age. The migration of birds and butterflies. The first snow of the season.

    1 year ago
  15. Howie Geib

    Most technology. Especially wireless. Language as well, in that it can influence others.

    1 year ago
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