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  1. dragonfly

    For those who are familiar with the book “Divergent” Amity faction would be the closest to my vision of the world. Members of Amity are dedicated to peacefulness, kindness, forgiveness, trust, self-sufficiency, and neutrality; as such, they are slow to anger and yet quick to forgive. They farm and protect the land. They love beauty…the arts, games and laughter.

    8 months ago
  2. CreationMystic

    I envision a world in which we all open our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us and commit to preserving it for future generations.

    8 months ago
  3. Malag

    Peace. Protecting the environment. Everyone’s needs met.

    8 months ago
  4. O.Christina

    Imagine there is a concert given by many. There are musicians playing together, sensitive and present, alert, inspiring each other by deeply listening to each other; may be, they are just curious in the beginning. Listening! Oh, one fellow musician loves to sing, singing from her heart, and another forgets himself at the piano! Another joins in with playing his famous instrument, may be a bassoon and sometimes, there even might be a creative, graced conductor who through his given charisma and musicality inspires a choir or the ensemble to become the music itself and so it may happen that all concerned, both the musicians and the audience are opening up to holy realms of music, where all almost hold their breath to be with this heavenly flow for an eternal moment, feeling that we are grounded in this universal Grace and Love all together. It might be experienced by all who witnessed this as if an inner light is shining, and might experienced as an unquestioned inner connection beyond all diversity and a deeply shared joy. To be open to it I feel is the invitation of life itself, and to experience it is Grace. May His blessings be with all of you who share and visit here, my dear friends, and with all beyond.

    8 months ago
    1. Michele

      ‘Eight of the world’s 100 top conductors are now women, compared to just one in 2013. New research into classical music in 2019 shows progress for female composers and conductors, as more women take up space on the concert stage than ever before.Jan 7, 2020’
      after reading your reflection I had to google female conductors.

      8 months ago
  5. Linda

    I would like to see less political division. Our lives are affected by it daily and it is tearing our culture apart.

    This need to drive people apart in order to win votes is destroying common courtesies and leading to mistrust and fear of one another. As Mr. Rodney King said a few years ago, “Can’t we all just get along?”

    8 months ago
  6. Don Jones

    An overt loving Heart connection to our Mother earth.

    8 months ago
  7. pkr

    Peace for All.
    Love for All.
    Kindness for All.
    Respect for All.
    Stop the Greed. Enough Already…..

    8 months ago
  8. Carol

    I think it is up to our species to grow enough to have a loving and compassionate vision. John Lennon’s song “Imagine” comes to mind.

    8 months ago
    1. Michele

      I thought of his song too, such a great one:)

      8 months ago
  9. Ed Schulte

    Since it is Good Friday to-day I will say “my vision” is the fulfillment of the instructions / back up by his demonstrations of what he was instructing us / of the Godman Joshua Emmanuel ( aka Christos-Logos ) . In more detail, as he said, ‘Bring Heaven down to the Earthly “world”‘ as the completion of, and full activation of, the ‘Seven Heavens’ which IS within ALL Human Beings NOW as our Divine potential. And then proceeding from there to Higher and higher ‘Heavens’. All which is our Human right to do so, because it is granted to us in the Divine Plan.

    8 months ago
  10. Dusty Su

    Perfectly answered by so many. Simply put, for myself, I’d say, inner and outer world in loving harmony for and with each sentient being.

    8 months ago
  11. Barb C

    So many wonderful answers here and I would happily live in the world that each of you would create with your vision. The world at its best would exemplify peace, kindness, and justice. We would no longer hold ourselves somehow apart from the land and waters, plants and animals, and people who aren’t exactly like ourselves. Instead we would recognize we are all bound up in each other’s fates.

    8 months ago
  12. Charlie T

    Everyone’s basic needs are met. Kindness is valued and greed is something to be ashamed of.

    8 months ago
  13. alara

    It seems like the world lives with a mindset of:
    How the world should be, but isn’t, or
    How the world is, but shouldn’t be.

    This has been my mindset for most of my life, too: I should be/or shouldn’t be.

    So, again, Popeye, “ Where’s the entrance to the exit?”

    Its a new world for me.

    8 months ago
    1. Ed Schulte

      “Should” is a word that exists only in the English language. Ad you so rightly point out it is used liberally as if by some magical power the uttering of “should” will correct or make change a situation for better. I is best!to ban the word “should” !

      8 months ago
  14. Holly in Ohio

    Imagine a world where everyone is making the effort to be kind, and everyone is actively seeking to reduce their impact on the climate and the earth’s resources. With those two things, I see a world more peaceful, equal, and a place that has abundant resources for nature, clean water, and food.

    8 months ago
  15. Mary Pat

    That we would stop abusing our oceans, our wildlife, and each other.

    8 months ago
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