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  1. O.Christina

    To be there with and for a friend who is currently very ill; to stay calm and centered inside while confusing signals are present; to be grateful for what is.

    9 months ago
  2. Erich617

    Somehow, when I am most able to see and understand others’ pain and fear, I feel the most connected and the most fearless.

    9 months ago
  3. Robin Ann

    If life give you lemons then make lemonade!

    9 months ago
  4. Don Jones

    Truly speaking, our Source has no meaning whatever. In Itself, it is infinitely beyond all that limited and limiting stuff, for nothing that can be said or thought or felt about It is It. Or let’s put the matter like this: All right, the essential Experience of our Nature does have this most meaningful of meanings – the Source of all meaning is Itself far beyond and absolutely free from all that proceeds from It. And You are that.

    9 months ago
  5. John T

    “Life is a learning process” helps me lean into life and reduce aversion to difficult and challenging times

    9 months ago
  6. Diane

    Radical acceptance has been a goal of mine this year…a “mantra” of sorts. I’ve had ample opportunities to practice it! As Carol said “what is IS” and Laura’s affirmation “trust that I am not alone in this journey” both resonate and are a comfort. I appreciate also what Butterfly shared “This too shall pass” which I can remember my mother saying often.
    As always, the generous and authentic sharing here starts my day in such a beautiful way. I’ve been absorbing all of your responses daily but have only been posting on Tuesdays when I “meet” my dear friend Pilgrim here. My intention for the new year is to be brave and to post here more often. Regardless….I am so very grateful for this space and all of you who take the time to reflect and share from your hearts.
    ~Peace, Om Shanti, abundant Holiday blessings all.

    Dear Pilgrim….such a grace to be here with you each Tuesday as we remember our dear friend Ursula. Blessings dear friend.

    9 months ago
    1. Pilgrim

      Blessings to you as well, dear Friend! My hands are flaring with arthritis pain the last couple of days, so reading comes more easily than writing. This is something new on my plate … may it be short lived.
      I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with you! “Better late than never,” as my mom used to say. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

      9 months ago
      1. Michele

        Hi Pilgrim – I do not know if you use a computer or phone for your reflections, however, if on your phone, you can try using the microphone and dictate. I do that all the time bc I am a terrible texter, lol. Makes life much easier:)

        9 months ago
  7. c

    mindful that I want my legacy to be — may you be happy.

    9 months ago
  8. Charlie T

    From my perspective of gratitude, non attachment, and impermanence. Like a meditation, these are the states that I try to keep coming back to.

    9 months ago
  9. Carla

    Gift of Wonder sprinkled with curiosity helps me lean in, for new experiences. Intuitive gut sense of “Danger!” leads me to lean back. I’ve learned to recoil as if from a hot coal when situations are before me that smell of harm (physical, mental, spiritual, financial or of the heart.)

    9 months ago
  10. Carol

    What is IS. Work with it. Learn from it. Do my best. And always be grateful. Wanted to let everyone know that I posted a story I wrote in the Gratitude Lounge. It’s called “Through Santa’s Eyes.”

    9 months ago
  11. Butterfly

    “This too shall pass.”

    9 months ago
  12. O

    Everything works for good in my life, because I am a child of God and He want the best for me.

    9 months ago
  13. Joseph McCann

    I am learning that accepting life as it is and embracing the present is a healthier way of life, physically and mentally than drinking to self medicate and numbing my emotions. A present is a gift. The present is the gift.

    9 months ago
    1. Carol

      Joseph, I was reminded of a quote that is usually credited to Eleanor Roosevelt: The past is history. “The future is mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.”

      9 months ago
  14. Laura

    Trust that I am not alone in this journey.

    9 months ago
  15. EJP


    9 months ago
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