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  1. d

    my soul

    9 months ago
  2. Elle

    My Spirituality & my curiosity.

    10 months ago
  3. KC

    Slowing down. Pausing. Being quiet, still, intentional enough to listen, be with what is, attend… and resisting the temptation to run away, or madly off in all directions – whether in mind, body or spirit. Rooting in one place, whether in stillness or conscious movement. Connecting with nature, music, good company, a beautiful space…

    10 months ago
  4. Mary Pat

    Meditation, slowing down and journaling. Sometimes walking in our wooded areas.

    10 months ago
  5. Chung van Gog

    Holding my breath.. 🙂

    10 months ago
  6. Malag

    Meditation, somatic movement, retreats.

    And also the abundant wisdom that is so readily available nowadays; and sometimes the wisdom to know when it is not wisdom.

    10 months ago
  7. Sae

    A long car ride with some soft country music or reflecting on my experience/feelings with my closest friend aid me in “going deep”.

    10 months ago
  8. Layla

    The quietude and slower pace of life through this pandemic has been an unexpected blessing.

    10 months ago
  9. Hot Sauce

    Reflecting on the experiences and learnings from my life helps me to “go deep.”

    10 months ago
  10. Elaine

    My friends. Just now a dear friend expressed her gratitude for our deep friendship. What a gift.

    10 months ago
  11. Hilary

    AlAnon; my sponsor; my therapist;

    10 months ago
  12. Don Jones

    Aligning with the geometry of creation and gently letting go. Picture in the 1960’s when you had to get your TV antennae at just the right location and angle, carefully let go, then see the whole world come flooding into your lounge room.

    10 months ago
    1. Malag

      Or using a metal coat hanger, Don, when the antenna was dodgy.

      10 months ago
  13. pkr

    Walking amongst the big trees, Redwoods.
    Music, especially classical.

    10 months ago
  14. Javier Visionquest

    It’s fine to keep pace most days with a little gutter yoga, a skeptic’s prayer, and the gratitude of a beggar. But even those days stack up after a while and the world permeates me with its grief, its indifference, its pessimism. Our unresolved emotions accumulate like so much spiritual cholesterol to obscure the light of our radiant divinity; those energetic arteries to and from our hearts, the vessels of gratitude and generosity, begin to harden.

    Perspective supports me in shifting the human assemblage point (“going deep” is a phrase I reserve for the psychedelic experience); perspective and enough time to decipher the signs I’m shown, particularly from a vantage in unspoiled nature where the overt expressions of our normalized collective pathology: pollution, deforestation, the sclerosis of urbanization, have yet to metastasize.

    10 months ago
    1. Michele

      I loved your simile – spiritual cholesterol, vessels of gratitude…. if I were an English teacher you’d get an A + for that writing!

      10 months ago
      1. Javier Visionquest

        Yeah, Michele. I’ve been feeling like a rusty old Tin Man, lately. Probably time I got my ticker checked. I hope your vessels of gratitude and generosity are as clear as a whistle!

        10 months ago
    2. Mica

      Spiritual cholesterol – a delightful phrase – thanks Javier

      10 months ago
      1. Javier Visionquest

        Happy to help, Mica!

        10 months ago
  15. F

    On different days I’m led differently into going deep – some days its my breath, some days its my heart, some days its yoga and some days its a good book. The more noisier my head has beed during the day, the more time it takes to break the loop, find myself and go deep.

    10 months ago
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