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  1. Pikachu

    It changes how i spend my time.instead of being angry on people ,i can use that time for improving myself. Being angry also affect our family and loved one .by having calm mind we could do good for ourself and our family.

    4 months ago
  2. T

    Letting go of anger or resentments might change how I approach certain people. I try not to hold a grudge, but I’m doing that with one person in particular and I need to keep looking forward, and not at the past.

    4 months ago
  3. Hjt

    A friend who volunteered at a maximum security prison felt the inmates held on to anger. Perhaps if we could let go of anger and resentments, we might change our dependency on wars and create a caring society instead.

    4 months ago
  4. William

    This question seem so appropriate for me today. Today, I have dealt with being angry etc. I am realizing by acknowledging anger and residents. Then I am able to take a step back and ask why and work through them. Then I can let them go and need to in order to move forward and heal. Holding onto anger and resentments only hurts you and not anyone else.

    Grateful this is question today!

    4 months ago
  5. Hermann-Josef

    Feelings like anger come and want to be seen. But to save our inner peace we should not stick to such kind of feelings. But also not suppress them . I do not have to react according to the feeling. Feelings are coming and going by themselves. There is no need to fight with them. But I am not a slave of feelings…

    4 months ago
  6. Elise

    Could change everything…if you let go of anger/resentment, you open doors for kindness and compassion. You have the power to control your own emotions. Anger and resentments cause suffering, but this suffering can be avoided by asking yourself “is it worth it?” When I was a kid I would let anger control me. Now, when something upsets me, I ask myself if this emotion is worth my peace?–By letting these emotions go, I create more peace in my life and others!

    4 months ago
  7. Carol

    In my experience,
    1. you have to realize that no one can make you angry. Anger is your response to a situation. It’s just a feeling and feelings are neither right nor wrong.
    2. When you do not own your feeling of anger it leads to resentment and so owning it is very important. If you don’t own it, you can’t let it go.
    3. If you don’t let it go, the re-sent-ment that develops can become very dangerous because it leads to a need for revenge.
    4. If you don’t own it, you are in a reactive stance instead of a responsive stance.
    5. So if you own your anger, you can choose to let it go.and break the cycle.
    6. That changes everything. Free at last!

    4 months ago
  8. Don Jones

    There is only one person who becomes ill from drinking the poison of anger and resentment. If I drink poison, I will die.

    4 months ago
  9. Mica

    I think I can be more forceful yet kind in dealing with ‘people problems’

    4 months ago
  10. Cathie

    Letting go of anger or of resentment changes my own perspective and opens the door for reconciliation with another. For me, it is the healing of myself that is most important. When I let go of anger and resentment my focus widens, those feelings can no longer narrow the scope of my perception, or cloud my lens, and I feel better and can once again begin to be grateful for the people and things around me.
    If the issue needs addressing, I revisit it later, best I can, without any of the emotional responses.

    4 months ago
  11. KC

    Thich Nhat Hanh expresses anger (and I assume resentment) as a crying baby inside ourselves, which needs our kind, loving care and attention.

    Once we have attended to our own inner crying baby, then we are called to reach out to the people and situations that are causing us deep concern or pain. I find this a helpful practice, and appreciate the reminder, reflections and encouragement to keep showing up, practicing and returning! …

    4 months ago
    1. Cathie

      Love the crying baby image!!! And yes, for me, letting go is like a diaper change:)

      4 months ago
      1. KC

        Nice! ☺️

        4 months ago
  12. Linda

    There are times when it is necessary to maintain distance in a relationship; when it is dangerous to body or mind. It is important to protect oneself when someone in a relationship poses a threat.

    4 months ago
  13. Elaine

    It would create SPACE. Space that is now available for prayer, for constructive and creative thoughts, for courageous conversations, for joyful productive actions.

    4 months ago
  14. GR8FULL

    Letting go of anger or resentments changes EVERYTHING! To name a few, it changes how I view myself and the other party, which character flaws I need to work on, it changes the way I understand the circumstances, etc. As a member of AA, working through my resentments (step 4 of 12) is the cornerstone of sobriety and healthy living. As I understand resentments, the anger/contempt that arises from them stems from not understanding my role in creating that resentment. Once I take a step back and really take a close look at the resentment, assign my role in creating that resentment, forgive myself, and apologize to the other person when necessary, I feel 10X better and I am overtaken by a tremendous sense of relief and compassion – for myself and the party on the other end of my resentment. Letting go of the resentment opens up my eyes to character flaws I need to work on and hopefully not repeat. By going through this process, I uncovered the negative impact my people-pleasing ways had on my life and my relationships. Most all of my resentments stemmed from me not defending my boundaries and or not communicating my needs and wants to the other party. Before I analyzed my resentments, I thought the other party was to blame and it was their responsibility to right their wrong. I walked through life with a heavy bag of resentments over my shoulder and believed that people just stink. It significantly hampered my view of the world and made finding joy and happiness very elusive. After, I realized it was the other way around and once I let go/forgave them and me, “I was free to roam about the country”.

    4 months ago
    1. Mica

      Thank you, GR8FULL! 🙂

      4 months ago
  15. Y

    There is a saying: “what you practice gets stronger.” So if I practice reasonableness and compassion will that change attitudes?

    4 months ago
    1. M

      Reasonableness and compassion … those words helped me today . Thank you

      4 months ago
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