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  1. Elaine

    When in the company of trees – intelligent, mysterious, beautiful, strong, vulnerable to humans who don’t revere them.

    4 weeks ago
  2. Erich617

    I have reverence for innocence. I am deeply moved by people, acts, and moments that are intended to bring only joy.

    4 weeks ago
  3. Don Jones

    For those who are dedicated to mastering their “craft”. Those who seek to be their very best at whatever they have turned their attention to. Those that demonstrate a deep devotion to their chosen calling.

    4 weeks ago
  4. sparrow

    . . . wherever I acknowledge and honor the Sacred,
    which is everywhere . . .

    4 weeks ago
  5. Cathie

    Reverence arises in all areas as long as I am awake/aware. In nature, with people, in holy spaces, if I am truly present then I am able to honor and respect that which I encounter.
    But at times I am on “auto-pilot” and so am unaware, not truly present and miss the opportunity of reverence.

    4 weeks ago
  6. pkr

    Reverence arises in my life from Mother Nature. My daily walks amongst the Redwood Trees leaves me in constant awe, amazement & wonderment. The delight & reverence I experience on my walks leaves me speechless. It is very hard to adequately describe the joy, the reverence I feel for these “giant works of art”. And at this time of year there is an added bonus of fall colors dotting the landscape. Bright reds, yellows, oranges, all mixed in & everywhere.
    I feel as if I am walking in a landscape painting created by thee Master. How lucky am I. I bow to the creator.

    4 weeks ago
  7. Lisalisasmile

    When I stop look it arises all around me. The beauty of all life, how we are all one, how the simple things are the greatest things, in this our Greatful group, in silence, in creation in every new day we are given❤️thank you🙏

    4 weeks ago
  8. devy

    Reverence greets me everyday when I wake up do my meditation, enter in my journal and light a candle with a daily thought and prayer. This puts me on the right path first thing in the morning

    4 weeks ago
  9. Charlie T

    I tend to be irreverent and this can be a double edged sword. I do have reverence for people who are quietly thoughtful though, and there is nothing like the feeling of a deep redwood grove. Oh, and certain kinds of singing and music.

    4 weeks ago
  10. Susan

    Reverence arises in my life when I wake to observe the sunrise of each new day. I am more aware now than ever of the gift of life as I recover from major surgery. I also feel gratitude and reverence for the medical team so highly trained and professional yet so gentle and loving to me. I revere watching my two dogs joyfully play together, see the sunlight reflecting on the golden feathers of my chickens, hear the call of a Carolina wren, and see blue jays and woodpeckers alight in the bare branches of trees near my screen porch. What a beautiful world we have. Let us treasure and preserve it.

    4 weeks ago
  11. c

    I have been making it a practice every day to wake up in time to see the sunrise. Each morning, I reflect on the beauty of what is there before me. Even if there is cloud cover preventing me from seeing the rise, it is there. What a grateful thing it is to be able to be present and able to see what is before me.

    4 weeks ago
  12. Y

    It appears when I am able to greet another day with hope. When I think of all the people in my life who have shown me a way to live.

    4 weeks ago
  13. Carol

    It arises when I remember that we stand on Holy Ground. It arises when I remember that I am Life, You are life, Creation is One. It arises every time I experience a new flicker of self-awareness that leads to growth. It arises many times when I visit this site and read the heartfelt sharing I find here. I love the hymn “Holy Ground” by JM Talbot. Here’s the link: Hope it comes through.

    4 weeks ago
    1. Nannette

      Thank you, Carol for posting the link to “Holy Ground”; I have been looking for that rendition and could never find it. It is one of my most favorite hymns…and John Talbot does it so very well. It is so powerful….and we are all standing on Holy Ground…Thank you!

      4 weeks ago
  14. Ellen

    This morning it arose as I observed the lunar eclipse!

    4 weeks ago
  15. Pilgrim

    In nature – the moods of the lake, the changing of the seasons, watching the many birds in my backyard where there are many trees, also in a season of change. In the gifts of family and friends. In the spontaneity of children. In the advances of medical care that have sustained me and others. In music of all kinds.

    Hello to my dear friend Diane on this Prayer Tuesday. Thank you for your recommendations of authors last week! They are new to me, and will be fun to explore.
    I hope that you and your family are well.

    4 weeks ago
    1. Diane

      Good morning Pilgrim and a blessed Prayer Tuesday to you. I love your response to the daily question…which took me awhile to navigate to on this new site! I join with you in all the ways that you experience reverence. Just this morning I added a new bird to my birding life list…a brilliant American Kestrel that sat atop the pine tree in our backyard as if he was posing just for me. We have discovered many new birds out here in the west and each time it fills me with delight.
      ~Om Shanti friend….have a peace-filled day 🙏🦜

      4 weeks ago
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