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  1. Michele

    I don’t know right now …. I can ponder this throughout my day:)
    Favor – tomorrow is my birthday-turning 53. I remember reading a response on here (I can’t remember who it was, sorry) that gave suggestions incorporating the # – example turn to page 53 in a recipe book, drive 53 miles, do 53 random acts of kindness….iodine is chemical element 53…. I would love if ya’ll offer some suggestions using 53 for me for tomorrow:) I look forward to reading your ideas!!

    9 months ago
    1. Michele

      OMG!!! I LOVED all of these! Thank you everyone for giving me some great ideas:) Yesterday I spent the day with my best friend, Debbi, we went to a Philly Spring Training game – was fun. My girls fly in tomorrow. I”m on vacation for a few days. 53 is great so far:)
      Again, thank you all so much. Gratefulness brought tears to my eyes.

      9 months ago
    2. Holly in Ohio

      What a fabulous idea, Michele! I hope you have a wonderful day and year!
      My suggestion is to rent or stream, The Love Bug (1969). “Herbie,” the living Volkswagen, that races, has the racing number, “53.” ….and ironically… was 1969 the year you were born?

      9 months ago
    3. pkr

      Happiest of birthdays to you dear Michele. My suggestion for #53; Write down 53 things you are thankful for.
      Embrace your new year. Blessings, love & hugs to you.❤️🙏✨🎂🌸

      9 months ago
    4. Mica

      What fun! Googling, I find that 53 dot com is a bank..
      Weekly jobless claims fell to a 53-year low! on cnn.
      53 by the Sea has Premium Fine Dining
      and more 🙂 – Happy Birthday!

      9 months ago
    5. Barb C

      What a fun idea and Happy Birthday!! At our house we refer to having a birthdayweekmonth so no reason to stop.

      The first thing I thought of is doing 53 sun salutations if you are a yoga practitioner. When my best friend who’s a yoga teacher turned 50 we gathered at the studio and did 50 Sun Salutations to a soundtrack she picked out. All fun rock and roll and songs I listened to as a teenager and it was a blast.

      Take 53 full deep breaths either in a row or throughout the day–just tally did I stop and breathe fully and deeply–and then over the course of the day you get to 53. Make a list of 53 things you look forward to doing in your next year. Walk for 53 minutes. Bike for 53 miles (assumes you could do that of course). Make a glass of wine or other appropriate celebratory beverage last 53 sips. That one depends on what size glass you start with, so plan ahead! Get yourself 53 flowers and put them all around the house. If you have transit service, get on the bus, ride 53 stops or minutes, get off and explore. Try to see or hear 53 birds over the course of the day.

      Great idea! This is giving me ideas too because I turn 60 later this year.

      9 months ago
    6. LisaBeth

      Happy Birthday, Michele! Find 53 things to give away or throw away. Look around your home, closets, vehicle, garage, yard, etc. and do a quick declutter. Throw out the old newspaper, find three articles of clothing to donate, discard ten things from the junk drawer. I always feel so much lighter when I get rid of stuff so I hope it will have the same effect for you.

      9 months ago
    7. Carla

      Michele, May you have a wonderful Blest Day! I’d like to suggest “opening” items that total 53 as the day progresses. Cupboard in kitchen, drawer(s), car door (in your coming & going); doors in your home, etc. May each be a metaphor that you’re open to 53 new entrances this year 🥳🎂

      9 months ago
    8. Mary Pat

      Well, first of all, happy birthday to you a day early! May this next birth year be filled with much love and laughter….and my idea? It is really different but might prove to be something you like……Take a photo of yourself on your birthday tomorrow, and save it. Then, if you have time this weekend, go through pictures of yourself over the years and gather them together. If you don’t have many, ask relatives for pictures of yourself. Put them all in a box and gift wrap it. Next year, when you are 54, open that box back up and take a journey through your life. And then, look at the picture from this year, and remember all those wonderful memories you have….all 54 years of memories…

      9 months ago
  2. Kevin

    These days I am more inclined to pursue learning about someone whose name came up as part of the context of my daily life. It might be a local person, or a name, famous, accomplished, or not, that gets mentioned in the course of a normal day. Sometimes it’s a piece of writing, artwork, or music that has moved me that prompts me to want to learn more about the work’s creator or the story behind the work that made its creation possible.

    9 months ago
  3. Pam

    Who do I want to learn more about? My ancestors I want to interview my parents and have their voices on voice memo on my phone so I can have it to listen to over and over

    9 months ago
  4. Antoinette

    I’m meeting my mom in Italy.
    I keep hearing from people who have lost their parents how they wish they would have spent more time with them. I’m fortunate my mom is still alive and that I can be with her. I would like to know more about her, but mostly I hope to treasure our moments together. I think just being and sitting together is wonderful. I’m grateful I will be able to have this opportunity.

    9 months ago
    1. Kevin

      I’m very happy for you, Antoinette! That will be quite a journey, not only in miles, but for the heart.

      9 months ago
  5. Dusty Su

    My goodness, so many things, from so many people, their languages, cultures, art, writing, photography, stories, what makes them tick. Then being able to be more present, loving, compassionate, a good listener, and on and on it goes. I will die with so much of my curiosity for life’s wonders and mysteries unquenched and not least the beauty of others. That is a good thing.

    9 months ago
  6. O.Christina

    What immediately comes to mind is bout the young generation, the young fellow people, especially related to how they would like to create the future, what their wishes and needs are related to our future society and how to may be be able to support them in this with some of my experience, if possible and adequate.

    9 months ago
  7. Michele

    How old is he Javier? Being a parent is hard and not easy to say the least. All you can do is keep trying to be there for him.

    9 months ago
  8. Holly in Ohio

    It is a challenge sometimes, to get our children to talk to us. Sometimes it is just an age, a difficult age, one that seems won’t end, but does. Having gone through something similar, though, might I suggest a couple of things? I found sometimes the cause in a change like this is bullying, either in person, or online, and often they are ashamed to admit they are being bullied. If they are older, they might be someone they like at school who isn’t returning the affection. Sometimes “guessing” is the only way to get them to start talking, and sometimes, as with one of my kids, they couldn’t easily express themselves talking… they couldn’t think that way, but when I got him to start writing out his anger, I found he could express himself surprisingly well and thoughtfully, and then he felt heard and then we could talk things over. Making art is also a good way to express, if maybe you could paint together, and making art is also very healing. It is almost impossible not to express yourself in some way while making art.
    I will be thinking of you and your son, and wishing you all the best. 🕊

    9 months ago
  9. Charlie T

    I’m so sorry you and your boy are going through this Javier. He’s lucky to have someone so thoughtful looking out for him.

    9 months ago
  10. Mica

    How sad, Javier – ‘sending warm wishes to you and to him! He reminds me of my younger granddaughter, sadly –

    9 months ago
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