All of A Network for Grateful Living’s Board and Staff met for two days in Mill Valley, CA in late July of this year to clarify the organization’s programmatic efforts over this next year. It was agreed that we would focus on developing curriculum for The Fundamentals of Grateful Living which will be adapted to Online E-Courses, Online Self-Practice Groups, and Community-based Grateful Living Practice Groups. Offerings would include:

    • Grateful Living Practices
    • Practice Challenges (website and offline)
    • Grateful Living Pledge/Charter
    • Reading Lists and Resources
    • Discussion Guides

The Fundamentals of Grateful Living Curriculum will be developed into both a Workbook and a Guidebook, pending approval at our Annual Board Meeting in September, 2015. We look forward to sharing our offerings with you, and including you in these exciting initiatives in 2016!

Grateful Living Board members in the photo, unless noted:

Front Row (L to R)
Kristi Nelson, Executive Director
Margaret Wakeley, Program & Community Development Coordinator
Pear Urushima, Vice-Chair
Br David Steindl-Rast, Co-Founder
Anthony Chavez
Katie Rubinstein, Development Associate

Back Row (L to R)
Lynn Trojahn, Board Chair
Adetola Abiade, (Board Nominee)
Frank Elaridi
Sheryl Chard
Alberto Rizzo
Linda Larsson
Gary Fiedel, Treasurer
Dale Biron
Jennifer Konecny
David Vogel
Mary Kostel, Secretary
Chuck Roppel, Vice-Chair
Michael Barton, Vice-Chair
Saoirse McClory, Program Associate
Mirjam Luthe, Dankbar Leben (International Partner)

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