On July 12, 2016, Br. David will turn 90 years young!

How grateful we are for ALL the many gifts that Br. David has brought into the world during his rich, long, loving, and grateful life.

Last month, we launched a “Gift & Wish” campaign to celebrate this milestone in a meaningful way; you can send a beautiful card with a message to Br. David, and make a modest gift, and 100% of the money will support his Legacy Fund. This Fund will be used to help digitize and preserve Br. David’s archives and audio recordings, and to support the initiatives that he holds most dear, including forming community-based Gratefulness Groups, deepening connections with our International Network, and launching a curriculum for the Fundamentals of Grateful Living.

If you feel moved to offer A Gift & A Wish, please CLICK HERE


Many wonderful “wishes” for Br. David have already been received. Here are a few:

“I envision all the flowers in the world uniting on your birthday to sing gloriously and with reckless abandon, ‘Happy birthday!’ and ‘Thank you for planting gratefulness everywhere in blooming hearts.’ We celebrate YOU today and applaud this extraordinary milestone with rose petal claps.”

“You often talk about the gift of surprise, and I kind of knew what you meant, but finally what I have been searching for — acceptance of the moment, of the flow of life as a surprising gift, as utter trust in God — I understand as my heart rejoices. Thank you for the gift of this wonderful website celebrating gratitude. It is like a monolith of health in a sea of human foibles. Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you for all you have given me.”

“You are a light in our world Brother David and I am so deeply grateful to know you, to receive your wisdom and joy of life.”

All “wishes” received will be compiled and given to Br. David at his birthday celebration in San Francisco later this month.

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to add your blessings and support. On behalf of Brother David and all of us at A Network for Grateful Living, we warmly thank you!


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