In a world where uncertainty and fear surround us every day, living gratefully reminds us to embrace mystery and celebrate that which is certain and essential. In a world that too often reinforces separation and division, gratefulness reminds us of unity and interconnection. In a world rife with messages of scarcity and lack, grateful living brings us back to the overflowing hope and heart of what truly matters.

As a community-supported nonprofit, we rely on those who believe in gratefulness to help us strengthen and share it. Our work serves over 100,000 people annually. At the end of each year we humbly reach out to ask for your support. Our goal this year is to raise $120,000. If you believe that what we do matters and makes a difference, please make a gift…


If you have benefited from the presence of gratefulness through our resources and writings; Word for the Day; Daily Question, Practices; Poem-A-Month; eCards; Gratefulness Gatherings; free eCourses; Light a Candle; Br. David’s teachings, or more, please help us sustain these offerings, and help us extend them to others.

If you have experienced the perspective that gratefulness brings and know of others who rely on the sense of well-being, resilience, peace, aliveness, connection, and joy that come from a grateful orientation to life, help us extend the ripple of this impact to many thousands of others who are seeking it.

If you believe in the possibility that grateful living awakens, please help us grow into our potential as we expand our offerings in 2021 to include a Grateful Voices video series, Podcast, new foundational eCourse, online grateful living Retreats, and more. Invest in the vision of the future we all share – one of greater compassion, concern, and generosity; one where love for peace, love for justice, and love for one another lights our way.


Our services are free and open to all, yet they are not free for us to provide. Your generosity enables us to meet the needs of a growing global community. In gratitude for your support, we offer a 4″ x 9″ Grateful Living Principles poster;  a 5″ x 7″ Wake Up Grateful blank journal; and/or a copy of the book Wake Up Grateful.

Please join us. Your support truly matters. Thank you.

With grateful hearts,

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