Upcoming Live Course, May 9 — June 13

Grateful Grief: A Guide for Living with Loss

Join us this spring for a brand new, six-week course exploring the empowering ways that gratefulness can nurture and sustain us when living with grief and loss.

Grief arrives in many forms and disrupts both the life we love and the life we have. As prevalent as breath, it is part of every human story, requiring us to reorient to days and lives we had not imagined. Where do we turn for solace and guidance in the midst of grief and uncertainty?

The practice of Grateful Living nourishes our daily lives and empowers us to find meaning and purpose in unexpected places — to show up to the uninvited life that is emerging in the wake of loss. This grateful stance acknowledges heartbreak and despair, while building our capacity to carry our sorrow alongside our joy. Yearning for what was and embracing what is, blessing the departures that birth the mystery of new arrivals — this is grateful grief.

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