As pilgrims, we have a goal. But the meaning of our pilgrimage does not depend on reaching that goal. It depends on remaining open in hope, open for surprise…

Br. David Steindl-Rast

Across the centuries and around the globe, millions of people have made their way to the holy sites of Mount Kailash in Tibet, Santiago de Compostela in Spain, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and hundreds of other famous and lesser-known destinations that hold spiritual, historical, or cultural significance. Many others make pilgrimages to stand on their ancestral homeland, to visit the birth or burial place of a revered leader, or to gaze with awe at one of the earth’s wonders. For every such journey, the experience is enriched by asking essential questions:

  • What are my intentions, and what am I seeking?
  • What touchstones will I carry to guide my way? 
  • How will I embrace each moment gratefully, even when faced with inevitable challenges? 
  • Will I have the courage to welcome new people and experiences?
  • And what will allow me to keep my heart open to wonder and possibility, even when I’m weary?

A miles-long physical pilgrimage offers a powerful metaphor for our lives, inviting us to ask these same questions of ourselves as we make our way each day along life’s path. Considering your life as a pilgrimage allows you to gain insights from your past, bring greater perspective to the present, and step into your future with trust — all essential elements of living gratefully.

Beginning Monday, July 10, please join us for a 5-day gratefulness practice that offers a guided pilgrimage of the heart. Each day you’ll receive an email that focuses on a particular aspect of life as a pilgrimage, centering on the questions above. The daily emails will include:

  • A set of reflection questions, poetry, videos, and short essays
  • A guided practice that builds on the day’s focus and resources
  • An invitation to share your reflections with our team and others on the 5-day journey

In what surprising and even beautiful ways might your life be enriched by living it as a sacred pilgrimage, each day part of a journey that you travel with intention, hope, and wonder?

Please join us for the exploration. 


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Photo by Vince Kowalski

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