Our Foundational Pathways offer inspiration, guidance, and daily practices that explore the five principles of Grateful Living: Awe, Belonging, Hope, Joy, and Imperfection. These 5-day journeys are delivered as a series of emails. Each day offers a rich and delightful collection of essays, poetry, music, videos, research, and practices — all designed to provide a meaningful grounding in grateful living as an orientation to life.

How would it feel to relinquish perfection in favor of living? Join us to explore what imperfection has to teach, what stories it has to tell, and what possibilities it might be offering you. You’ll likely discover a compelling and energizing map for the journey ahead — not to a perfect life or world, but to one of meaning, joy, and connection.

Setting goals and aiming high are often the result of our efforts to get a little closer to perfection. There’s power and even joy in imagining all the ways we want to improve ourselves and the world around us: volunteer, be a better parent or partner, exercise more, tap into our creativity, stop this and start that. Our aspirations matter. But what if they also distract us and even keep us from fully experiencing the richness of life that is available to us right now? 

Rather than associating imperfection with flaws, what possibilities come alive when you re-envision imperfection as the very human experience that binds us to one another? How might imperfection actually be a doorway to creativity, opportunity, and meaning? And is it possible that embracing imperfection might even offer a kind of liberation? If you could let go of one long-held vision of perfection — for yourself, for someone you love, for the world — what delight, contentment, and peace might be waiting for you?

So much of living gratefully involves expanding our capacity to move with some ease, even grace, in the ebb and flow of life’s gifts and struggles. We learn to hold seemingly contradictory things: grief and gratefulness, sorrow and joy, struggle and hope. Befriending imperfection is no different. Even on the best days, when our individual lives may seem just right, the world’s ongoing injustices are ever present. The world is imperfect, and most of the time so are we. 

Please join us to discover:

  • The importance and resulting well-being of softening to imperfection in yourself
  • Practices that will help you appreciate the imperfections in life that offer surprising meaning, beauty, and joy
  • How welcoming imperfection increases empathy and connection
  • The ways that relinquishing perfection opens the door to possibility and opportunity
  • How embracing imperfection can liberate us to make our contribution to the world

Beginning on Monday, February 19, we will send you a series of five daily emails containing a collection of resources to guide your individual journey. These will include:

  • Reflection questions, poetry, videos, short essays, and research highlights
  • A guided practice that builds on the day’s focus and resources
  • An invitation to share your reflections with our team and others on the 5-day journey

You will have continued access to the resources beyond the week.

Join us for an exploration of the imperfect life you’re living. Registration closes Saturday, February 17, 11:59 p.m., EST.

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Photo by Stephanie Patterson

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