You think this is just
another day in your life?
It’s not just another day.
It’s the one day
that is given to you today.
It’s given to you.
It’s a gift.

Br. David Steindl-Rast

What would life be like if we truly lived each day as if it were a gift? 

Look around you. Reflect on that. Can you sense the possibilities?

At this start of a fresh new year — one that none of us has ever seen before and has yet to be created — we invite you to join us in an 8-Day Practice; of opening to the gifts of and in our lives, and of sharing the blessings of those gifts with the world.

Inspired by Br. David’s timeless meditation, “A Grateful Day,” we offer these days of practice as a joyfully simple opportunity to experiment with, or remind ourselves of, orientations that open us to living each moment as a gift. As we know, each day is filled with abundant moments, and each year is robustly filled with days, so together we will embark on the co-creation of A Grateful Year!

A well taken care of today will pave the way for a well taken care of tomorrow.

Sri Swami Satchidananda

We leave you with the inspiration for this practice: Br. David’s 5-minute meditation, A Grateful Day:

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