Hope is an orientation of the spirit, an orientation of the heart. 
It transcends the world that is immediately experienced 
and is anchored somewhere beyond its horizons.” 


Hope is the shaper of dreams, the tiller of possibility. It gives life to our most treasured longings – the aspirations we have for ourselves, as well as those we carry so tenderly for the people we love and for the world at large. If we’re fortunate, we can name times in our lives when hope seems an overflowing well – a life-giving source of both sustenance and possibility. We can dip our cup in over and over, and there is always enough to keep us going. Yet many of us also know the experience of the well seeming to dry up – of thirsting for hope in the face of loss or despair. It’s in these times that our very lifeforce begins to wilt.

What then? How do we refill our personal well of hope? How are we, in turn, able to be a source of hope for others? How does hope inform our actions in the world? And through practice, how might we cultivate hope as an orientation to life that transcends circumstance – that opens our hearts to the mystery of what is yet unknown to us?

We invite you to try this 5-day gratefulness practice that explores the ways that grateful living can inspire, nourish, and sustain hope in times of both ease and difficulty. Whether you are feeling full of hope at this moment in your life and want to tend and share your wellspring – or you’re struggling to maintain hope in the face of personal challenge or collective grief, this practice offers daily reflections and inspirational resources designed to cultivate hope, both within and around us.

“Faced with brokenness, gratitude has the power to heal. Faced with despair, gratitude has the power to bring hope.”


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