Love is an action, never simply a feeling.
~ bell hooks

The late Congressman John Lewis often talked about the Civil Rights Movement as a work of love, as love in action. Along with the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the scholar bell hooks, and other visionaries around the globe, he reminded us that love is the essential ground on which care for the collective good and positive social change can flourish. Today’s practice is an invitation to turn your attention to a person or entity that is embodying love in action, express your appreciation for their work in the world, and consider how you yourself are inspired by love to take action in the world.

  • What thought leader, organization, artist, visionary, or company is embodying love in action in a way that you appreciate? How are they serving the world with love? Take time today to express your appreciation for their work and commitment. Send an email, write a thank you note, volunteer, or simply call. To those laboring with love on behalf of the greater good, your gratitude may be exactly what’s needed today.
  • As you’re reflecting on how others are embodying love in action, take time to reflect as well on your own contributions. How are you embodying love in action, and where might you want to more actively share the gift of your time, skills, or resources? What does love in action look like for you?

Share Your Reflection: We look forward to hearing — and being inspired by — what actions arise from today’s practice. Please share your reflections below.

Deepening Resource: Grateful in the Face of It All: Waking Up to What Is, A Short Essay by Kristi Nelson

Image: Each day of our Grateful for Love practice includes an image of love as expressed through street art. Today’s Photo: Daniel Salcius/Unsplash

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