“Every moment is unique, offering its own way to connect to what is deepest within us,
to the wonder and mystery of being fully alive.” 
~Llewellyn Vaughan-Leen

Some of you may be aware of (or are regularly visiting) our Practice Space where we offer a Daily Question to enhance grateful awareness. Each day we are moved by and learn from the responses that appear. The reflections are joyful, poignant, subtle, poetic, loving, generous, sophisticated, playful, vulnerable, and, of course, infused with gratefulness.

We offer the following selection of responses to one of our recent Daily Questions. May these reflections serve to open a doorway to gratefully loving the world and finding ways to live accordingly.

What moments fill me with wonder?

“The moments that fill me with wonder are a surprise. They touch my heart.”
– alara

“How the body carries out so many complex functions without the conscious mind having any idea what’s going on. Even stuff I am aware of, like walking and breathing, it just gets done in the background. A marvel.”
– Malag

“I am filled with wonder when I see the love people can have for each other. I am filled with wonder when people step up and help out even when they don’t have to.”
– mam_gigi

“I’m always filled with wonder when I look up at the moon and realize that the same moon is seen by all human beings no matter where they live on this planet and the same sun that creates its reflective light rises and warms us all. Such a strong reminder that what Carl Sagan called the Pale Blue Dot is our home and we should be nourishing not destroying it or each other. The song, ‘Let There Be Peace On Earth’ comes to mind.”
– Carol

bright moon at dusk above multicolor buildings

Photo by Jesper Kronholm

“The moments when I don‘t expect anything. When I am just listening or watching, it is as if hearing sounds for the first time or somebody is playing a note which is giving the song a very special expression. Or looking into the eyes of a baby it is as looking into the universe. Then I know I am not here to make myself happy but to realize that I am happy.”
– Hermann-Josef

“They almost all do,
when I am present and really paying attention . . .
everything in this world
is a wonder and a miracle,
from my dainty, hand painted blue bird cup,
to the magic of stars on a clear night,
and everything in between.
Think about it . . .
imagine yourself a stranger to it all.
The wonder is overwhelming,
especially if you observe it
with fresh eyes.”
– sparrow

“Yesterday morning a mama duck and her 4 little ducklings walked down my street…I was delighted to see them as they took their walk. Little moments but big smiles. Several of my neighbors also saw it and we all said hello. Sweet moments.”
– amacord

“Moments of heart filled love that you can’t describe fill me with wonder. Also immense gratitude, I did a dance class yesterday and in the middle of dancing with others I felt this enormous heart filled gratitude of how good it felt to dance and to do it with a ‘tribe.’ That feeling is always so indescribable and I am so happy it exists.”
– Cassandra

motion blue of person dancing in blue and purple light

Photo by Ahmad Odeh

“Being in nature, listening and observing. The way the light in the sky moves and bounces off of the clouds. The way the sunshine sparkles on the ocean like diamonds. When the sun rises and sets, and on the same note when the moon rises – especially those times when it’s full and giant and orange. Also the clear night sky and the thousands upon thousands of stars you can see. And I think about these things, how they’re all just circling in a big giant universe, surrounded by other universes… oh my. It’s quite a miracle to be alive and part of this swirling energy!”
– sunnypatti

“With this question, I just paused – and breathed – and simply took in the wonder-filled reality of being alive, of greeting a new day.”
– Patricia

“Those moments in Spring,
when the birds start to sing,
and the leaves on the trees start to grow,
for this is the time
when the Earth starts to shine,
and nature doth smile, says hello.”
– Chris Berry

“When, as recently happened in a beautiful Concert Hall, a conductor of partly Russian origin let the deeply touching music, which he and his orchestra were playing, be a deep running meditation, dedicated to all who are suffering. It was a moment of wonder and awe, when the huge audience followed his request to kindly not applaud at any part of the musical celebration and so intended to transforming the music into a meditation, inviting the audience to deeply dive down to compassion and universal love expressed through their most wonderful music. All fellow people present went out in silence. It was a huge gift and a deep sign of communion given by great artists, for which I am sure all we who were gifted to be there feel deeply grateful.”
– Ose

“I had a breathtaking moment recently. For my daily walk in the morning, I first walk a bit between the houses, then I turn a bend and walk into nature. I took the turn and what I saw was so beautiful and unexpected, it took my breath away. The sky just before sunrise. Wonderful.”
– Christine

sun rays filtered through trees in the morning

Photo by Robin van Holst

“Anything I perceive as beautiful: staring into the sky, observing life unfolding and existing, works of art, the human body, the ecosystem, the flow of energy, healing, Ubuntu (how so many people come together, contribute their skills, talents and vision for the betterment of others), enlightenment…”
– carol

“Watching our seven grandchildren grow. From the two oldest, almost seventeen, and driving, to the youngest at pushing 4 years old, who’s fascinated by everything new that she sees and touches.”
– Kevin

“When the awareness opened to seeing that everything is in constant change – moment by moment. The realization that there had been blindness to the obvious, yet awe at the ever unfolding nature of existence.”
– Don Jones

“The dawning of a new day fills me with wonder of the endless possibilities and opportunities that it brings.”

We offer our deepest thanks to all of you who shared your experience of wonder. If you would like to add a rich practice to your life, we invite you to visit our Practice Space to join the welcoming community who connect there each day.

And for you, what moments fill you with wonder? We invite you to share your reflections below…

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