Grateful Living Programs

Our signature programs provide inspiration and practical tools for exploring the transformative practice of grateful living. All of our programs are rooted in the lifelong scholarship and wisdom of our founder Br. David Steindl-Rast, informed by current research, and shaped by a diversity of writers and spiritual leaders.






Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Pathways

Wondering how to cultivate more awe in your life? Is it time to release perfection in favor of living? Nurture joy even in a challenging world? Delivered as a 5-day series of emails, our Pathways provide guidance, inspiration, and practices to help you cultivate a more grateful life. Each day contains a rich collection of essays, poetry, music, videos, research, and practices that explore grateful living principles and themes.

In addition to the Pathways available below which you can explore at your own pace, new Pathways are offered several times per year, allowing you to practice and exchange reflections in real time with thousands of people around the globe.

Embrace Imperfection

Explore what imperfection has to teach and what possibilities it might be offering you.

Say Yes to Joy

Discover tangible ways to cultivate more joy in your life — even alongside sorrow.

Awaken to Awe

Learn how to intentionally expand and deepen your experience of awe on a daily basis.

Beginning July 15

Reclaim Play: 5-Day Pathway

Join us July 15 – 19 for a 5-Day Pathway to explore play as both an activity and a way of being — bringing new meaning, joy, and aliveness to your daily life.

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Ready to explore the life-changing possibilities and practices of grateful living? Our dynamic courses offer a deep dive into grateful living through inspiring core teaching videos, meaningful conversations with globally-renowned guest speakers, tangible practices to integrate into your daily life, research-based and uplifting toolkits, and thoughtful reflection prompts.

Want to learn in community? We offer a new live, online six-week course each spring — watch this page for more details on our 2025 course.

Grateful Hope: Passion for the Possible

Grateful Hope — On Demand

Cultivate hope as an attitude of the heart, embrace uncertainty without toxic positivity, and find your purpose in a life full of challenges and possibilites.

Grateful Grief: A Guide for living with Loss

Grateful Grief — On Demand

Discover how the practice of grateful living can nourish your daily life, empower you to find meaning in unexpected places, and guide you when living with grief and loss.

Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Gatherings

Are you seeking greater meaning, purpose, and joy? Grateful Gatherings provide community connection, invigorating reflection and conversation, and practical tools for living a meaningful life.

Gatherings are hosted by trained facilitators, utilize robust materials provided by our organization, and are open to anyone seeking inspiration, resources, and fellowship for living life with purpose and joy. Gatherings take place every month both online and in homes and communities around the globe.

Interested in hosting or joining a Grateful Gathering?

Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Retreats

In need of nourishment and meaningful connection? Led by Grateful Living’s experienced teachers, our retreats offer an immersive and joyful learning experience rooted in Br. David Steindl-Rast’s spiritual teachings, current scholarly research, and practical application. Imagine the power of pausing for a few days to tap the deep well of possibility in living gratefully and to explore, learn, and practice with others longing for the same.

Interested in Grateful Living hosting a retreat for your organization or community?

Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Workshops

Wondering what grateful living is all about or need a tune-up for your ongoing daily practice? Looking for an inspirational offering to bring to your workplace or spiritual community? Our workshops offer an introduction to the transformative practice of grateful living and are available both online and in person.

Workshops are offered in an ongoing rotation and by request for companies and organizations.