Over twenty years ago, our founder Br. David Steindl-Rast articulated a revolutionary vision of small groups of people coming together to discover, practice, and share how to live gratefully. He envisioned this network of individuals and communities as an antidote to the power systems that exist around the globe, making space for contemplation, connection, and subsequent action in the world.

The Basics

Grateful Gatherings take place monthly, are hosted by trained facilitators, and utilize robust materials provided by our organization. Gatherings provide community connection, invigorating reflection and conversation, and practical tools for living a meaningful and flourishing life. They are open to anyone seeking inspiration, resources, and fellowship for living life with purpose and joy.

The Impact

Through ongoing engagement and dialogue, Grateful Gathering participants develop a vital sense of community, while deepening understanding of themselves and others. Benefits include a greater sense of belonging; increased capacity for joy, hope, and awe; enhanced resilience; and an openness to life’s imperfections, possibilities, and mystery — all tangible contributions to a fulfilling life. 

The Content

With the support of Grateful Gatherings hosts, we create an inviting and compelling space for seekers from all walks of life. In advance of each Gathering, we provide hosts and participants a collection of readings, poetry, videos, and music that center on specific themes for exploring your life in community with others. All new groups begin with three foundational sessions focused on the core of building a grateful living practice. Subsequent monthly themes include topics such as: Discover Delight, Open to Mystery, Generate Joy, Get Creative, Welcome Imperfection, Be Present to Life, Reimagine Rest, Awaken to Awe, and Act with Courage.

Interested in Joining a Grateful Gathering?

Explore a current directory of open groups both online and in person.

Interested in Hosting a Grateful Gathering?

Learn how to start your own group and details of the next host training series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Grateful Gathering?

A monthly meeting of a group of seekers interested in connection, community, and guideposts for daily living.

How do I find a Grateful Gathering to join?

Use the Grateful Gatherings directory to see if there’s an open group in your region or online. If there is, contact the host of that group to find out meeting details and join.

If there isn’t a Grateful Gathering in my area, what are my options?

1) Participate in an online Gathering, 2) let us know what you’re looking for so that we can alert you to new groups when they launch, or 3) consider going through our host training so that you can launch your own Grateful Gathering!

How do I host my own Grateful Gathering?

Register to become a host and take part in the next host orientation and training. These take place twice a year. Click here to learn more.

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