Welcome! We’re delighted that you’re interested in hosting a Grateful Gathering! We look forward to answering your questions and helping you get started.

Hosting a Grateful Gathering will transform you. The energy you put into preparing and facilitating will come back to you many fold. Whether there are four of you, or fourteen, or forty, you will experience the power of grateful living revealing itself.

Lisa V., Grateful Gathering Host, United States

How it Works

Who Can Host?

We welcome anyone passionate about deep conversations that yield greater meaning, purpose, and joy in life and who would like to set the stage for others to do the same. We have a simple and inclusive registration process for all interested hosts. View more frequently asked questions below.

Orientation and Training

After completing the registration process, all new hosts participate in a required, four-part orientation & training program, offered twice a year. This series includes:

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Ongoing Resources and Support

In addition to the orientation and training, we provide:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for hosting?

Hosting a one to two-hour Gathering each month; length of time can vary depending on whether you host online, in person, at home, at work, etc.

One to two hours of preparation in advance of your Gathering to review all of the materials for the month, prepare your agenda, set the stage (if meeting in person), and maintain communication with the participants in your group.

Can I co-host a Grateful Gathering with a friend or colleague?

Yes. Many people host on their own and many have a co-host. If you know you’re going to co-host with a specific person, each interested host should complete the registration form.

Can anyone join the Gathering I host?

This is up to you. You can host a closed Gathering with an invited circle of friends, family, or colleagues, or you can open your Gathering to people in your community or beyond, if hosting online. We provide support for this in the orientation and training.

Where should I host my Gathering?

Gatherings take place online and in homes, workplaces, spiritual organizations, libraries, parks, and by the beach! You choose where to host your Gathering so that it sets the stage for the vibrant and engaging dynamic you want. It’s also fine to rotate your location.

Do I figure out the monthly agenda on my own?

We provide robust resources every month and offer a lot of guidance and suggestions for your agenda, but we encourage you to host your Gathering in the way that is most energizing and joyful for you and your participants.

Are there facilitation guidelines and support systems in place?

Yes! In addition to the four-session orientation and training, we provide ongoing resources for all hosts, including facilitation strategies, tips for navigating difficult conversations, and easy interaction with the Grateful Living team and other hosts.

What if I’m super excited about hosting but have a conflict with the orientation and training schedule?

We require that all hosts complete the four-session training, and we also know that life is full and complicated. When you register to become a host, you’ll have an opportunity to let us know of any known conflicts. We will record and share all sessions.

What if I live in a time zone that makes it difficult to attend the live training sessions?

Please join us anyway! We will share the session recordings directly with you each week and host two live, online check-ins during the four-week training. The check-ins are not a repeat of the recorded sessions but an opportunity to connect with one another and share questions.

What are the training sessions like?

They take place online, and we’ve designed them to be a vibrant mix of essential information, connection, and joy. They include plenty of interaction, reflection, practice, and opportunity to get to know other hosts as well as our team.

Is there a fee for the training?

No. We offer the training at no cost so that it is accessible to all. Our only expectation is that participants enter the training with the intention of launching a group upon completion.

May I charge a fee to participate in the Grateful Gathering I host?

Grateful Gatherings must be offered free of charge. If you decide to pool resources with your participants to provide refreshments or rent a venue, that’s a decision your group can make together, but hosts may not charge for participation.

Is there a time commitment in terms of how long a host is expected to lead a group after completing the training?

Our hope is that each new group takes on a vibrancy and energy that serves as the fuel for ongoing connection, but there is not a requirement on our end. Some of our current groups have been meeting monthly since the program was originally launched five years ago!