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Grateful Hope: Passion for the Possible

A self-guided course exploring hope as a radical stance in a world both beautiful and broken.

Hope locates itself in the premises that we don’t know what will happen and that in the spaciousness of uncertainty is room to act.

Rebecca Solnit

Make the challenges of daily life more manageable

Whether you’re coping with grief, aging, struggling to help a child find their way, adapting to a transition, or overwhelmed by wars and politics, grateful hope can change your perspective in surprising ways.

In a world where fear permeates daily life, grateful hope is a radical stance that empowers you to move beyond limitations and open to what is possible in the absence of despair. It is not the way out of life’s uncertainty. It is the way through.

Embrace uncertainty without toxic positivity

This attitude of the heart is not optimism or toxic positivity. It’s an invitation to embrace uncertainty, welcome change, and find your purpose in a life full of challenges and possibilities.

Join us and learn from world-renowned experts — spiritual leaders, authors, a musician, and a peace builder – whose work, life, and wisdom will show us the way…

In Grateful Hope, you’ll discover and explore:

The distinctions among hope, individual hopes, and optimism

The role of hope in the face of suffering, injustice, and despair

Strategies and practices for addressing barriers to hope 

The importance of welcoming uncertainty

Hope’s capacity to inspire action on behalf of the greater good

The reciprocal relationship between hope and belonging

Key Details

Everything you need to know about this self-guided course

Self-guided course with six enriching sessions

Resource toolkits that deepen your learning journey

A hosted virtual community space for connecting with other course participants

Access to all course materials for one year

Special guests; see below

Meet the Instructors

Joe Primo - CEO, Grateful Living

The course is taught by Joe Primo, CEO of Grateful Living, and Sheryl Chard, Director of Education. Learn more about Joe and Sheryl here.

Meet our Special Guests

Maggie Jackson

Simran Jeet Singh

John Paul Lederach

Cristina Pato

Mingyur Rinpoche

Mingyur Rinpoche

Rabbi Sharon Brous

Rabbi Sharon Brous

Participant Feedback

This is one of the best online courses I have ever taken… I so appreciated being with people who understood who I am.

Lori G.

Such a wonderful balance of information and collaboration benefiting our personal and collective transformation. Thank you!

Doug S.

I found all parts beneficial: the clear care and thought behind the whole course, the depth of the speakers, the practices, the compassionate leaders, the sense of community.

Gillian E.

I honestly think it’s the best course I have ever taken. So meaningful and I loved all the speakers.

Kari K.