Explore the relationship between joy and gratefulness through this curated collection of resources.


The Joy of Imperfection

by Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB
Want to be happy? Be grateful…and watch this delightful video! A short, playful glimpse at…

Hokusai Says

by Roger S. Keyes
Hokusai says look carefully. He says pay attention, notice. He says keep looking, stay curious.…

Digging Deeper

For continued exploration of cultivating joy, dive into these additional resources.

Young Black woman smiling while sitting on a park bench
Bright Lights/Young Lives

Bright Lights/Young Lives: Ozioma

by The Grateful Living Team
In this short video, Ozioma Okeke shares her story of self love and growth through…
Holly branch with red berries

Inspiration and Practices for a Grateful Holiday Season

by The Grateful Living Team
A special collection of poetry, music, practices, and tools to help you celebrate the season…
A golden full moon illuminates a bank of clouds below with shades of orange and dark blue
Stories of Grateful Living

Gratefulness is a Full-Body Experience

by Julia Spangler
In this story of Grateful Living, Julia Spangler reflects on experiencing gratefulness through the body…

Mantragold – “Gratitude”

by Mantragold
We invite you to take a moment to enjoy the sounds and sights of this…
Margaret Alvarez of My Artsy Coach
Stories of Grateful Living

Connecting Gratitude and Creativity

by Margaret Alvarez
In this story of Grateful Living, Margaret Alvarez shares how her habit of writing gratitude…
A vibrant rainbow above mountains in a dark sky

Discovering Joy in Hard Times

by The Grateful Living Team
When we attune to life’s gifts and pause to appreciate them, we can open ourselves…