Explore the relationship between nature and gratefulness through this curated collection of resources.

Stories of Grateful Living

Making Grateful Living a Grateful DOing

by Kristi Nelson
The more that we allow our hearts to expand to love, deeply appreciate, and feel…

Nature’s Medicine

by Reflections of Life
In this joyful and meditative short film, 95-year-old Oom Johannes beautifully illustrates how to feel…

Digging Deeper

For continued exploration of connecting with nature, dive into these additional resources.

A woman with long grey hair sitting on a sofa with greenery in the background and text that reads, "Feeling Deeply"

Feeling Deeply

by Reflections of Life
“If each of us dwells in nihilism or despair then we cannot do anything,” shares…
A woman holding a plant in her hand and looking off into the distance with text that reads "Fascinated by Nature"

Fascinated by Nature

by Reflections of Life
“The world that I dream of is the one that we’ve got because I think…
Man sitting in front of a brick archway with text that reads "The Constant Gardener"

The Constant Gardener

by Reflections of Life
In this short meditative film, Corné Pretorius shares his story of not taking life for…
Man sitting in a room and smiling with text that reads "Earth Turns to Gold"

Earth Turns to Gold

by Reflections of Life
“When we begin to share our stories, our experiences, then we are slowly peeling away…
Persons arms wrapped around a tree trunk

Belonging in Nature

by The Grateful Living Team
May this curated collection of poetry, audio, videos, essays, and more deepen your connection to…

Hope in a Climate Crisis: Conversation with Br. David and Dr. John England

by Jennifer England, Tension of Emergence
This illuminating conversation about hope in uncertain times features spirituality, science, storytelling, and wisdom shared…

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