Let’s play! Only when we play do we truly celebrate.

Br. David Steindl-Rast

Imagine for a moment a world without play: No games, no dancing, no sporting events, no humor, no morning crossword! It’s like trying to imagine a world without water. Play is not only a magnificent source of joy and pleasure, it is essential to human thriving. Studies in neuroscience and psychology reveal that play improves mental health, relationships, and the capacity to handle stress. There’s even a correlation between play and hope for the future. 

Why, then, do adults sometimes forget to play? Perhaps you were taught that play is just for children or that the only time to play is after your “real” work is complete. But what if play is the very thing needed to bring a new depth of meaning and aliveness to your daily life?

While play often centers on activity, it is also a way of being. The play researcher Stuart Brown sums it up this way: two people can be throwing a ball, but it’s one’s mindset that makes the activity a playful one or not. The same could be said about how we work, cook dinner, communicate, tend an important relationship, or face a challenge. Imagine the possibilities!

The invitation to reclaim play is an invitation to approach life with more ease, your full presence, and a willingness to be surprised. It is an opportunity to open to joy and discover meaning. These capacities lie at the heart of grateful living. Saying yes to play is, as Brother David writes, a true celebration of life.

During this 5-day journey, you will:

Discover play as a way of being, an open and liberating mindset

Adopt play as a way to nurture and enhance connection with others

Release any belief that play is just for children

Deepen your understanding of play as essential for lifelong learning

Free yourself from the pressures of productivity, and open the door to meaning 

Have fun! Welcome a bit of spontaneity, and find yourself smiling!

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How might your life be enriched if you could take a more playful approach to your work, your relationships, even your own growth? Join us for the exploration.

Key Details

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Photo by Austin Schmid

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