Vivir Agradecidos Foundation — the Grateful Living community in Latin America, and one of the international affiliates of Grateful Living — released this bilingual book (Spanish, English) entitled “Celebration: Br. David in Patagonia.” This exquisite coffee-table size book intimately shares the experience shared in February, 2014 between Br. David and some of the founders of Vivir Agradecidos (Grateful Living) as they traveled in Bariloche, Patagonia, and Argentina.

Br. Davd, sheep, Patagonia
Photo by Diego Ortiz
Celebrations Event Buenos Aires

Diego Ortiz Mugica, a renowned Argentinean photographer, captured these unforgettable moments that Br. David has called “images of the sacred.” The human experience in the midst of the pristine beauty of Patagonia has become a limited edition book of breathtaking photographs accompanied by Br. David’s moving quotes, in both Spanish and English.

Vivir Agradecidos released the book in Espacio Ensō, a Buenos Aires art gallery, with a photo exhibition during two weeks in late November 2014, the days of Thanksgiving.

To read more (in Spanish) about photographer Diego Ortiz Mugica and to see a few of the photos in the book see this page.

Br. David, bubbles
Photo by Diego Ortiz Mugica

Br. David Steindl-Rast