The measure of our grief is a valiant testimony to our capacity to love. To feel, live, and love fully anyway — in the face of this sorrow — is to shape a life worthy of the greatest love we have cherished, and the big, tender heart of the world. Grateful Living can help remind us that it is precisely those things we appreciate and treasure most which open us to experience grief and loss, and to hold our hearts open for the gifts that await our discovery.

May this curated collection of poetry, stories, videos, audio, and more bring you comfort and support for the journey.

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by Reflections of Life
In this short film, Lisa Smith shares her story of coming to know the meaningful…
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Stories of Grateful Living

Holding Grief and Gratitude

by Alex Elle
In this Story of Grateful Living, Alex Elle reflects on experiencing gratitude amidst grief and…
Bright Lights/Young Lives

Bright Lights/Young Lives: Jamarr

by The Grateful Living Team
In this short video, Jamarr Hall shares his story of finding gratefulness through everyday moments,…
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The Invitation

by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
Two nights after he died,all night I heard the sameone-line story on repeat:I am the…
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Poetry Collection: Holding the Heart of Sorrow

by The Grateful Living Team
For times of grief and sorrow, we offer this curated collection of poems as a…

A Meditation on Grief

by Jack Kornfield
Mindfulness teacher and author Jack Kornfield shares an invitation to “trust the unfolding” of grief,…

Earth Altars – Origin Story

by Laura Loescher
“I feel nature is the biggest teacher about resilience.” ~ Laura Loescher Laura Loescher describes…

A Geography of Grief

by Sarah Kilch Gaffney
You cannot erase history or grief or love, but we will always have this place.…
Stories of Grateful Living

Saying Goodbye: How Gratitude Made my Life Bearable and Beautiful

by Eric Mulholland
When I moved to Seattle in 2002, I was an émigré from Los Angeles, the…
A pink poppy in the foreground. Behind is an area of rubble.

Heroic Hearts: Love in the Face of Despair

by Kristi Nelson
To love in the face of fear is bold. To love in the face of…

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