When we align with our principles, we align with the energy of our spiritual core.
Possibility opens up — and we do, too.

~ Kristi Nelson, Wake Up Grateful

As we approach the close of the year 2020, the state of uncertainty is global.  Along with unresolved political and social unrest, we simply don’t know how the pandemic will play out. This is a shared unknown, leaving many of us wondering how to move forward, what to do, how to make decisions. We may hold similar questions with regard to the escalating climate crisis and the ongoing social unrest that exists in many places around the world. The practice of remembering and aligning with one’s principles offers a place to begin, a compass that can clarify direction and build our capacity to act from inner wisdom.  

Photo: Gennaro Leonardi/Pixabay

  • Begin again with the breath and becoming present.  
  • Today we invite you to articulate five of your personal guiding principles. These are the core values of your life. If it’s helpful, you might write these as “I believe….” statements.  
  • Once you’ve named your five, consider how they can center and guide you during this time of uncertainty. How does returning to them each day provide clarity for how to spend your time and energy, your love and action? How does reconnecting with the guiding principles of your life deepen your trust in the midst of uncertainty?  
  • Consider posting your guiding principles where you see them each day so that they might provide both solace and compass during the coming weeks.

We also invite you to share your reflections below.

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Enjoy the full seven-day Wake Up to Perspective practice.