“Doing something with the appreciation and opportunities that come our way brings the cultivation of presence and perspective into the service of our lives and life itself. This is how possibility comes to be. Action that emanates from the grounding nature of presence and guiding nature of possibility is necessary in difficult times.”
Kristi Nelson, Wake Up Grateful

Over the course of the week, we’ve explored five points of perspective that invite us to look anew, to relish the poignancy and blessing of being alive even during times of profound uncertainty. These intentional small shifts in perspective reorient us to living more gratefully in the world. They not only center us and help us see what’s around us with renewed clarity and appreciation, they offer like a finely-tuned compass guidance for our actions and for the journey ahead. From the foundation of presence and perspective you have created for yourself this week, how will you express and share your grateful heart?

Photo: Jeff Collins

  • Here on this final day, we invite you to begin once again with the practice of becoming present through the grateful breathing exercise Kristi Nelson introduced on the first day. Having now paused for this practice each day, we invite you to consider the possibility of carrying this practice forward beyond our week together.  
  • While the circumstances of our lives may not have changed significantly over the last seven days, we’ve each deepened our capacity to look at our lives and the world with expanded perspective. We invite you to take time to reflect on the following questions: Despite uncertainty, how can I make use of presence and perspective to cultivate greater possibility in my life? How can I make myself more available to the possibilities that might be calling to me?  
  • On this final day of our practice, what is one action you would like to take to manifest gratefulness in the world? Is it acting in deeper alignment with your personal guiding principles? Is it taking some small action on behalf of the common good? Is it reaching out to a friend whose company gives you joy? Is it simply thanking someone you might take for granted? With renewed presence and perspective, we invite you to consider what is possible. What is one action you can take to live gratefully and wholeheartedly today?

In Wake Up Grateful, Kristi writes: “Envisioning and investing in new possibilities is how transformation comes about. But how do we step into all the possibility that exists in a moment? We harness our big hearts and go forward with purposeful intention. We say ‘Yes!’ to life.” 

Thank you for being part of this practice with us this week and for all the ways you are saying “Yes!” to life even in the hardest moments. We wish each of you every blessing in the days ahead. May they be rich with perspective and abundant with possibility.

As our days of practice come to a close, we would love to hear your reflections below.

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Enjoy the full seven-day Wake Up to Perspective practice.